Consultant GM – New Zealand


3 Month Consultancy Project

Research and prepare a 5 year Master Plan to facilitate Redspot/Enterprise entry into New Zealand.

August 2015

Requirement Overview

Redspot Car Rentals (RSR), operator of the brands Redspot, Enterprise, National and Alamo in Australia and New Zealand is seeking Expressions of Interest from suitable consultants who have the skills, experience and knowledge to research, prepare and potentially implement a Master Plan to develop a network of profitable car and truck rental locations across New Zealand.

The Master Plan will need to be:

  1. Aligned with RSR strategic objectives, capabilities and culture.
  2. Competitive and fully compliant in the New Zealand market.
  3. Practical and comprehensive with staged marketing, operations, fleet, staffing, infrastructure, administration and compliance strategies.
  4. Inclusive of a detailed budget and implementation schedule.

RSR anticipates the project will be completed over a 3-month period, commencing in September/October for final review and presentation to its Management team in December. The implementation of the Master Plan will commence in January 2016.

Once completed, the successful candidate will potentially be invited to manage the implementation of the Master Plan in the position of General Manager New Zealand operations. This would be dependent upon the quality of the Master Plan and the suitability of the candidate for the position.

EOI, Proposal & Selection Process

Stage 1

Candidates must make an initial EOI to be received by Monday 31 August, 2015. The EOI must include a letter of application, a comprehensive personal resume of the contractor undertaking the work and address the Selection Criteria.

RSR will invite select a number of applicants which it will invite to participate in Stage 2.

The Selection Criteria will be based on the following:

  1. Knowledge, positions held and experience in the Car Rental industry.
  2. Relevant knowledge and experience in the New Zealand car rental market.
  3. Demonstrated experience and capability to prepare the Master Plan with supporting implementation strategies, budgets and time-lines.
  4. Potential availability and suitability for the position of General Manager New Zealand operations with the responsibility for implementing the Master Plan.

RSR will complete the selection process by Friday 4 September 2015.

Stage 2

Once selected, the shortlist of successful EOI candidates will be provided with a more detailed briefing which will include:

  1. RSR’ annual growth objectives for the New Zealand market.
  2. Confidential information relating to RSR current sales, marketing, branding, operations, fleet, management and staffing platforms.
  3. Relevant information relating to RSR strategic alliance and branding.

Candidates will then be invited to prepare and submit a more detailed proposal to include the methodology for addressing the key components of the Master Plan including but not limited to;

  1. Research of the New Zealand car and truck rental market, culture, trading conditions and relevant legislation.
  2. Analysis of potential competitor Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and relevant strategies to combat and exploit including RSR strategic positioning in the NZ market and staged implementation plan.
  3. Budgeting, cash flow and Return on Investment Analysis with supporting assumptions.
  4. Business Plan Development including but not limited to, set-up and compliance requirements, proposed launch, sales and marketing strategies, potential strategic alliances and partnerships.
  5. Planned site (including airport representation) and infrastructure strategies to be implemented over a 5 year period.
  6. Fleet planning including acquisition & disposal, maintenance and repair, size and mix.
  7. Staff (all levels), requirements, responsibilities, recruitment, training and deployment strategy.
  8. Integration with RSR’ Australian operation at all levels of marketing, operations, management and administration.

RSR will review submissions and select a number of candidates with whom it wishes to have further discussions.

Stage 3 

Selected candidates will be invited to attend a panel discussion of their submission chaired by the RSR Managing Director. Candidates will be asked to prepare in advance clarification of various matters raised by them in their submission.

RSR will select from the candidates it invites to meet with it the candidate with whom it wishes to agree a contract.

Next Steps

Send your letter of application and EOI to Stuart Ratcliffe, Network Development Manager clearly titled:


by mail and email to the following addresses:

Email:    [email protected]
Mail:      Stuart Ratcliffe
Network Development Manager
7 Coleman Street
Mascot NSW 2020

Ensure your application and EOI is received no later than 5pm E.S.T.  Thursday 9th September
For further information contact Stuart Ratcliffe, Network Development Manager at [email protected]