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Renter's guide

Renter's guide
Want to know where you stand when it comes to the legals, insurance and other small print stuff when renting a car from Redspot Sixt? You're in the right place.

Signing on the dotted line
When renting we ask you to sign an agreement telling us you're happy to do so under a few specific terms. Read the Rental Agreement Ts + Cs.

Standard Fees & Charges
We like to be upfront with all fees and charges. From optional charges like GPS and baby seat hire, down to fees to cover the cost of administering traffic fines. Read the table of fees and charges here.

Your privacy
To find out how well we look after the personal info you give to us. Read our Privacy Policy.

Damages (touch wood)
This policy details what happens in the unlikely event of nicks, scratches and whatnot, and who to talk to if you need help resolving an issue. Read our Damages Policy here.

Getting yourself covered
To ensure minimum stress when hiring a Redspot Sixt car, read this part of the guide to understand your insurance options. Read about your protection here.

Security Bonds
Read about security bonds here.

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