Haunted Australia - are you brave enough?

Haunted Australia – Are you brave enough?

Here in Australia we are home to some of the scariest creatures in the world, from our venomous snakes and spiders to our limb tearing crocodiles, bull sharks and drop bears. Now it seems we can’t get enough of the word ‘scary’ and have allowed our pubs, homes, roads, bridges and even restaurants to be overtaken by those of the paranormal, creepy and hair raising kind.

For this Halloween we’ve put together a list of scary sites around Australia we think you should checkout.. if you dare.

South Australia

North Kapunda Hotel – Ranked as the 8th most haunted pubs in the world, North Kapunda Hotel has been seen on MSN Travel websites and the hit TV show ‘Haunting: Australia.’

Adelaide Gaol – Book a night tour of the old, now closed, Gaol and you might hear the sounds of the former ghostly officers and inmates.

Adelaide Arcade – The oldest shopping arcade in Australia is said to be haunted by former caretaker Francis Cluney, who when he was alive went to investigate a flickering light only to fall into a electrical generator and die in the most gruesomest way. He is said to still walk among the arcade in ghostly form.

Overland Corner Hotel – This hotel is well known for its haunted activities, going back 150+ years. One in particular is a ghost of a man,with a long red beard, and flowing red locks who is seen riding on a white horse around the area of Devlin’s Pound not far from the Overland Corner hotel.

Seppeltsfield Winery – Built in the early 1800s by Oscar Benno Seppelt who turned slightly insane after spending hours confined in a private retreat behind the trophy cellar, this Winery is said to be haunted by a ghostly apparition of a man.

Migration Museum – once a Destitute Asylum, today ghosts are said to still wander the building’s staircase.

Port Dock Hotel – This pub is said to be haunted by an odd madame upstairs and a sailor in the cellar. Many people have witnessed lights going out, taps getting turned on, the old moaning and groaning sound.

Waterfall Gully Restaurant – A former Police Constable from the early 1920s who died in a bush fire while trying to fight the fire. Since then, his ghost has been seen in and around a nearby old Chalet, surrounding bushland and walking trails, still dressed in his distinctive period police uniform.

Carclew House – formely owned by Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sir Bonython in 1924, it is said one night his wife found out the Lord Mayor had a mistress and grew incredibly angry, a fight ensued, and he incapacitated Mrs Bonython, carried her to the the spire tower and threw her out the window in a fit of rage. She now haunts the house.


Larundel – a former mental asylum at its peak housed over 600 patients. For the past 15 years it has been abandoned, and a playground for those fascinated with thrill seeking, as well as the paranormal. There is a rumor a little girl who died on the 3rd floor loved her music box, and to this day, there are claims random explorers can heard the music playing on some nights.

Old Geelong Gaol – a former high-security prison built by convicts in the mid-1800s was closed and decommissioned in 1991. Prisoners were held in small, unheated cells, with no sewerage facilities at all. At night past inmates would hear female cries at night, especially in the east wing, a former School for Girls in the 1860s, not to mention the reported swirling mists, and the overall weird feeling.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum – rumors of the figure of a grey hooded in period costume man who appears near the cellar, and then completely vanishes within a second. Spooky.

Willsmere (Kew) Mental Asylum – constructed in the mid 1800s to house the growing number of ‘lunatics’, ‘unrepentant drunks’ and ‘idiots’ of the Colony of Victoria. It was criticised heavily during the first 50 years of operation for issues, including overcrowding, mismanagement, lack of resources, poor sanitation and disease.

Aradale Mental Hospital – reports of Nurse Kelly, who allegedly haunts the women’s wing and watches tour groups from one room in particular; the unexplained pains and sense of being touched by people in the old men’s wing surgery, the unexplained cold winds emanating from the old office and the banging sounds from the isolation cells makes this place as one of the scariest in the list.

Old Melbourne Gaol – a grim place with a dark history. Stories abound of an unexplained presence haunting those who tour it.



Picton – 80km South-West of Sydney, this town has the reputation of one of the Most Haunted in Australia. The main story is about Mushroom Railway Tunnel, which is linked with countless suicides. One in particular is the story of Emily Bollard, who was walking through the tunnel and was killed by the oncoming locomotive. Since then, the apparition of Emily has been seen in the depths of the tunnel.

Quarantine Station – used in the 1830’s to isolate people suspected to be carrying contagious diseases so they would not reach the general population in Sydney. Ghost Tours operate from the station regularly.

Monte Cristo, Junee – Said to be Australia’s most haunted house with many ghosts. Stories of a caretaker who was murdered in the home in 1961, a mentally disabled boy was kept in the homestead’s cottage for many years, a boy died falling down the stairs, a maid fell from a balcony and a stable boy died from injuries after a fire. Many of the ghosts who appear in the residence are believed to be spirits of these people who died there.


King George Avenue –  many reports of a phantom set of headlights appearing to people driving toward the city. Random electrical problems, such as fuses blowing, have also occurred frequently. This road used to be a popular drag strip for local youths, with a few reported deaths driving the rumours of a ‘ghost car’.


Port Arthur – before the recent massacre that shocked the nation and brought in major gun reforms, the prison settlement for male convicts was more known for the spooky ghost stories of the hundreds of old souls who died at the settlement in the decades after its construction in the early 1800s.

Franklin House – The grand home was built in 1838 for Britton Jones, a former convict who became an innkeeper and brewer. There have been numerous reports of spooky paranormal activity in the home.

Penitentiary Chapel– another convict penitentiary, full of 1860’s courtrooms, mysterious tunnels, an atmospheric chapel, solitary confinement cells beneath the chapel floor and not to mention an execution yard. A breeding group for the paranormal.

Richmond Bridge – George Grover was a cruel and unlikable ex-convict who became whip-bearer to the other convicts. Grover’s wicked behavior made him hated among the convicts. One night he got drunk and fell asleep on Richmond Bridge. The convicts heard about this, and took the opportunity for revenge, killing him and throwing his body into the river below. George Grover’s ghost is said to haunt Richmond Bridge and the area around it. He is sometimes seen as a shadowy figure walking across the bridge or standing by the bridge, staring and even sometimes known to get aggressive towards people.


National Film and Sound Archive – This art deco building once housed the somewhat gory Institute of Anatomy from 1931 to 1984 and is home to a bevy of “paranormal” activity. The downstairs corridor is apparently one of the major hot-spots for poltergeist activity, and it’s little wonder, given it was once lined with hundreds of human skulls.

Air Disaster Memorial – On August 13, 1940, a Lockheed Hudson bomber plummeted into a hill between Canberra Airport and Queanbeyan, burst into flames, sadly killing all 10 people on board. Tales abound like the one about the teenager who fled the forest screaming, claiming she was being followed by images of an airman on fire and young couples catching fleeting glimpses of a ghostly figure as it darts across the road.


Devils Pool – surrounded by Aboriginal legends about forbidden love and sacrifice, the site of the legend has many believing it is cursed. Since 1959, 17 people (mostly men) have died at Devil’s Pool. Not only that, there have been several photos that have surfaced apparently showing the ghostly images of the recent deceased from the waters reflection.

Boggo Road Jail  – the most notorious Australian prison of the 20th century is haunted by its often violent past. Ghost stories from warders and inmates date back to the 1930’s – many had experiences they could not explain.


Rose and Crown Hotel – It has been said that the spirits of convicts and former publicans roam the corridors and cellar of the main Rose & Crown building.

The Alkimos (the wreck) – A merchant vessel that has been linked with numerous inexplicable and unexplained ghost stories can be found shipwrecked off the coast of Perth.

Oakabella – 30km north of Geralton, the Oakabella Homestead is host to a poltergeist. Built on a native sacred ground, it is said to be a magnet of evil spiritual energy.

Fremantle Old Gaol – This building was the site of the state’s first legal execution, which was of a 15-year old boy who is now believed to have probably been innocent, after being accused of murdering a farmers boy. The shipwreck gallery today is said to be haunted by the ghost of that 15 year old boy.

Have you visited the any of the above sites? Did you have a spooky paranormal experience? Let us know in the comments below.
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published October 20, 2015

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