Mitsubishi Mirage

Economy Car Category

Mirage is an easy, fun and small car to drive, with leading class maneuverability, eager performance, safety and seating for five adults. Combined with standard features and the latest technology, Mirage offers an unbeatable mix of style, value and safety.

Please Note: if you have your heart set on a car make and we can’t source it for you on the day you need it, we’ll offer you a similar set of wheels from the same class, for the same price. We can only guarantee car class and can’t guarantee a specific car type.

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Mitsubishi Mirage
x3x2 x5 x1+ man a/c


  • 3 Adults, 2 Children
  • 5 Door
  • 2 Small, 1 Large
  • Automatic
  • 4.6L/100km (Petrol)
  • AUX, MP3, CD, Bluetooth