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Travel Agents & Wholesalers

Become part of the Redspot Sixt Team!

Redspot Sixt is an Australian owned and operated vehicle rental company with locations Australia wide. Redspot Sixt has a comprehensive agent program and the following information is designed to assist agents register with it and start making bookings.

Redspot Sixt all-inclusive rates can be free sold and are available all year round including high season. The rates provide a generous 10% commission on the time and kilometre charges to all concierges, agents and wholesalers. They rate also includes the full damage protection offer, which means your customers don't have to worry about any financial obligations of damaging the car.

As well as new cars with an average age of less than six months Redspot Sixt offers other significant benefits to its customers including free delivery to their hotel and airport pick up and drop off. Redspot Sixt's minimum rental age is 21. Redspot Sixt's on line booking service allows reservations to be made and confirmed instantly 24/7.

How do I register?

To register with Redspot Sixt rent a car and earn commissions instantly please complete the sign up form.

If you have a customer wishing to make a booking before the registration process is complete or you have a question please call our reservation centre 1300 66 88 10 or email

Once the registration processes is complete a member of the Redspot Sixt team will contact you and advise you of your login details and send you the booking instructions to book direct via the Redspot Sixt website. This is the fastest and most efficient way to book vehicles with Redspot Sixt. You can of course use our call centre if you prefer.

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