Car Rental Checklist

Redspot Car Rental Checklist

Rental awareness can make a big difference to the way you travel. Save yourself time and money by following our car rental checklist and enjoy a quicker, easier rental experience.

What to bring to the counter

Make sure you have the following identification:

  • A valid credit card issued in the driver’s name
  • an original valid driving license (no photocopies)
  • if your license is not in English, you will need to have your driver’s license translated by your local road authority or apply for an international driver’s license

Collecting your rental car

  • Arrive on time. If you’re running late, call and let us know. If you are travelling by air, we recommend that you provide your flight details in your booking. This will help us monitor your airlines arrival time
  • Read the rental contract thoroughly and ensure ALL additional drivers are registered
  • Redspot will authorise a credit card security bond in the amount of $200. A credit card authorisation is not a charge, but it will limit the funds available on your credit card. Check your credit card has sufficient funds
  • Redspot permits one-way rentals between many of its locations. Relocation fees are applicable and are advised at time of your reservation
  • Now is the time to purchase extra insurance. Ask our friendly counter staff about our Standard Damage or Premium Damage cover insurance packages. You can also purchase Windscreen, Tyre, Headlight and Overhead Cover or Premium Roadside Assistance covers

Check it out

Before you drive make sure you check:

  • indicators and windscreen wipers
  • the car is clean
  • that the car has no existing damage (scratches, dents, glass damage). If there is existing damage, make sure this is documented in your rental agreement

Remember, if you find a defect make the Redspot counter staff at the pick-up location aware of your concerns or damage.

Returning the hire car

To avoid unnecessary charges:

  • return the car on time
  • Check your car for new damage. The condition of the car on return should be documented in writing
  • Keep a copy of the report together with the rental contract
  • Return the car with the correct amount of fuel (as initially agreed) or take advantage of our Pre-Paid Fuel package and save yourself angst at the end of your trip
  • Redspot will clean the car, but it is always courteous to dispose of your rubbish prior to returning the vehicle

Happy driving.

published June 16, 2016

One thought on “Redspot Car Rental Checklist”

  1. Do not rent cars BUDGET / AVIS
    A reservation which was not honored ! …
    Refusal to reimburse the taxi bills ( accompanied flow blue card 200 euros)
    I commit on their advice ….
    Unprofessional and dishonest ……
    I go to court, a consumer association , and I share my experience with you

    Ne surtout pas louer les voitures BUDGET/ AVIS:
    Une réservation qui n’a pas été honorée!…
    Refus de rembourser les factures de taxi(accompagnées des débits carte bleu 200 euros)
    que j’ai engager sur leur conseil….
    Pas professionnel et malhonnête……
    Je vais en justice , association de consommateur et je partage mon expérience avec vous

    Por favor, no alquilar coches BUDGET / AVIS :
    Una reserva que no fue honrado ! …
    La negativa a devolver las facturas de taxi ( 200 euros )
    Me comprometo sus consejos ….
    Poco profesional y deshonesto ……
    Voy a la corte , una asociación de consumidores , y comparto mi experiencia con ustedes

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