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Under 25 and looking to hire a car? No problems!

One problem younger people find when hiring a vehicle is the age restrictions. The accepted age for airport car hire in most locations is 25 and older. However, there are many holiday-goers and those on business trips under this age who need a car to get from A to B in the area they are visiting. Although most rental companies won’t offer this, or will only give it to people under 25 at an exorbitant fee, Redspot Car Rentals stands out from the rest, offering car hire for those between 21 and 25 at a reasonable price.

Redspot Car Rentals are one of the few car hire companies in Australia who can offer vehicles for those under the age of 25, as well as drivers holding an Australian Provisional Drivers Licence. This means you can get around with the aid of your own rental vehicle, saving you time and money on public transport and taxis that can be better spent on something more important.

The only restrictions to those between 21 and 25 is a small daily surcharge and that the renter can only hire out ECMR, ECAR, CDAR and IDAR class vehicles. This means you can only hire small to medium cars. Provisional license holders and those between the age of 21 and 24 also cannot reduce their damage cover below $330.00.

For more information about airport car hire for those under the age of 25 or hold a provisional license, check out our provisional licenses holder page. Alternatively, you can call our helpful team on 1300 668 810 to find a location near you, reserve a car or for any queries not answered on our site.

Happy travelling!

published December 3, 2014

31 thoughts on “Under 25 and looking to hire a car? No problems!”

  1. Hi, I’m looking to book a car from 28/7 to 30/7 in a car similar to the Nissan Pulsar from Hobart Airport. Your website has quoted £85.17 when I include my age which is 24. Can you possibly confirm if such a quote includes the surcharge for young drivers when booking online?



    1. Hi Andrew,

      As long as you select the 21-24 age group option, right at the beginning of the booking process, it will include the age surcharge in the rate. If you want to confirm the inclusion, once you select a vehicle, you will arrive to the optional extras page, and if you look to your left, just a little bit down, you will see the breakdown of costs so far. In here, it should include the age surcharge. If it doesn’t, I would suggest going back to the homepage, and starting again.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi there
    im looking at getting a hire car towards mid september for a few days but am unsure.
    im 29 and on my green p plates
    how do I go about choosing the right one for me and also the fees included

    1. Hi Tee,

      29 is no problem, and there is no additional cost for that age. Green P plate will however require a Provisional licence fee. All you have to do is select the vehicle you want and rate type you want from our website, and on the optional extras page you need to select ‘P Plate’ as an option. That way it will give you the exact cost of the rental.

      Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.


  3. I arrive on the 19th of september midnight flight to perth would I still be able to pick up the car around that time

  4. I rented with red spot being a probationary driver and was confused with the restrictions of vehicles.
    “The only restrictions to those between 21 and 25 is a small daily surcharge and that the renter can only hire out ECMR, ECAR, CDAR and IDAR class vehicles. ”
    I was told otherwise by the person who managed the Melbourne city red spot. As I initially wanted the Kia cerato but it was an icar but when I did the booking online ticking the probationary licence box it still accepted the rental. I changed the car to the pulsar idar so there wouldn’t be issues with the pick up. My feedback here is make the website more streamlined with your information of your restrictions and guidelines. As I’m sure the last thing anyone would want is issues of hiring a car when the website clearly stated the rental is confirmed and accepted.

    Other than that red spot is fantastic. Service is great and the cars are great quality will definitely be renting in future again :)

    1. Hi Vuong, the ICAR is acceptable, and it is allowed to be hired by a probationary driver. I’ll speak with our Melbourne City team as I think the confusion might be from our end. The ICAR and the IDAR car classes are basically the same class, so there shouldn’t be any issue. Its only Full Size (starts with F) and larger vehicles that are restricted.
      I do apologise for the issues you had.

  5. Hello,
    I’m 21 and was looking to hire a car next year when we go up to Cairns. By then, I still would have had my P1 licence for a bit less than a year. Am I still able to hire a car? There wasn’t anything about this in your section on probationary drivers.

  6. Hi, I’m under 21 and the car rental companies here in Cairns tell me that I have to be at least 21 to hire a car. They also said that no car hire insurance company would cover the rental companies themselves. I’m 19 and I want to hire a car in Cairns. A company in Cairns says they will hire me an older used vehicle and that they are ‘self insured.’ What does this mean? They said I need to put up a $1000.00 bond before taking the vehicle. Is this normal or do you know of a better car hire Cairns supplier I can go with?

    1. Hi Sam,
      Great question. Most rental car companies are self-insured. Basically what that means if you have an accident the car rental company doesn’t need to go to a Suncorp or AAMI insurer to repair the car, as they basically repair it themselves out of pocket. However with this scenario they have a damage liability amount on the rental contract. This means if you have an accident depending on what coverage you elect to take at the time of picking up the car, you will need to pay an amount (usually up to $4000 at the most) for the costs of repairs. The $1000 bond will cover most light damages if you happen to return the car damaged.

      In regards to your age, I’ll be honest, I’m suprised you managed to find a car rental company that will hire to driver under the age of 21, so kudos are due there.

      Hope that helps. Let us know if we can help further.

  7. HELP!

    I am struggling to find a car to rent!

    I am 20 year olf Female (21 in April 2016) and hold a current Full New Zealand’s driver license for more than 3 years.

    How can I hire a car when nobody seems to allow you to???


    1. Hi Natalie,

      Unfortunately most car rental companies have a minimum age of 21 years old in order to hire a vehicle. You may find some of the off-airport or low tier companies might be able to help. Depending on where you are planning on hiring, I would suggest googling “20 year old car hire [insert location name]” and it should pull up a few options.
      Sorry we could help in this instance.

      Kind regards

  8. Hi

    I’ve booked to hire a car in Melbourne the 29th. I’m 22 and a P2 plater from south Australia. In south Australia as a P2 plater I do not require p plates but in Victoria a P 2 player does. As I’m hiring the car with my SA license do I follow those conditions or Victoria’s license conditions?


    1. Hi Bethany,

      Yes, even though you don’t need to put a P plate sign on your car in SA, if you are hiring a car in QLD, NSW or VIC you will need to get yourself one in order to place on the car.
      Most service stations have them at relatively cheap prices. Hope that helps


  9. Hi, I’m only turning 25 this September. Can I take that I won’t be charged for under 25 surcharges? please confirm. plus I am a full licensed driver for over 6 years now.

    1. Hi Eqa. It depends on when you are planning to pickup the car. If you collect it before you turn 25 in September, then you will need to pay the under 25 year old surcharge.
      Hope that helps.

  10. Hi,

    I have a friend visiting Brisbane from New Zealand, she is 24 and has her NZ restricted and has had it for 7 years. Is she able to rent a car through your company?

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi Narelle. She certainly can. As she is under 25 and also on a restricted licence, there is a mandatory under age fee, and a provisional licence fee that needs to be included. There is also a limitation of a maximum intermediate size car she can hire. For more information about the fees please review Let us know if there are any further questions.

  11. Hi there,
    I’m not going on holiday till July (down to Hobart). I’m 22 and will be on P2 from mid march. Is there a certain amount of time you have to have obtained a drives licence for in order to hire a car? I’m really worried as this may put a massive hole in my plans. Thanks Erica

    1. Hi Erica,

      We require at least 12 months driving history before we can hire a car to a customer. I’m assuming the fact you will be on your P2 in March would mean by July you’ll have at least 15 months driving (?) – which is more than enough to hire a car from us.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.


      1. Hi Brad,

        thanks for the quick reply! No in Western Australia P1 is 6 months and P2 is 18 month period. So when July comes i will have had my licence for 10 or 11 months. I got my P1 on September 21st 2015. However I had a Learners permit for 4 years held in two states VIC & WA.


  12. Hi I just want to reassure the wife on a matter.
    I’m 24yrs old currently hold a p1 licence in QLD an have done for nearly 2 years but keep forgetting to upgrade to p2. Need a car for a couple days to goto Sydney (taking the driving option as I have 2 kids an I’m terrified of flying) is there a p plate option aswell as the age option? An will I be able to hire the car with red p plates
    Thank you.

  13. Hi brad, I would like to check if I’m holding on to a Singapore driving license but in June, I will be about 5months plus for my driving license. Am I able to rent a car as I would really like to drive my girlfriend around from gold coast to Melbourne. And I have 2.5years of driving experience in military.

  14. Hi Brad!
    First of all thank you so much for this site. Second, I am just wondering if I can rent a car if I am 18? I have my license. However it is not an Australia license, it is my own country’s license. Am i still able to rent a car? Thank you

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Unfortunately our minimum age requirement to rent a car with us in Australia and New Zealand is 21. That aside, your license origin is no concern to us, as long as its valid and in English (or has an official English translation document with it).


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