Back in 2004 Redspot Car Rentals introduced its all inclusive Top Dog rate, which has been highly regarded by the public for its transparency and no hidden extras message. Redspot Car Rentals introduced this because it was observing an increasing trend in customers sick and tired of booking a hire car and turning up and being asked to pay numerous other mandatory and optional fees that weren’t explained to them at the time of the booking.

So what is the price difference?

As mentioned above, Redspot Car Rentals prices all its inclusions into a one single daily rate, whereby our competitors charge these separately. Either way, it’s interesting to see the large price difference:

All Inclusive car rental price comparison chart

Time & Kilometre rate $476.35 $304.47 $199.50 $284.86 $177.25
Airport Fee Included Included $93.38 Included $51.66
Admin/Contract Fee Included Included $17.48 Included $7.87
Registration Fee Included Included $38.50 Included $47.36
Local Tax (GST) Included Included $51.69 Included Included
CDW Reduction ($0 liability) Included $223.30 $168.00 $343.09 $231.00
Unlimited Road Toll Use Included $Pay yourself $Pay yourself $Pay yourself $Pay yourself
Additional Driver Included $27.50 Included $36.63 Included
TOTAL $476.21 $555.27 $568.55 $664.58 $515.14
Saving using Redspot Car Rentals $79.06 $92.34 $188.37 $38.93

The above comparison is a snapshot of compact automatics rented for 7 days from Sydney Airport. Collection date 27/05/2013 at 10:00am. Prices were correct at 17/05/2013.