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Redspot Road Toll Policy

All Redspot Sixt cars in Australia are fitted with an electronic device (e-tag) that beeps when you drive through tollways on roads.

Planning on using tollways?
Redspot Sixt has different packages which suit different needs – if you are booking the Drive Away All Inclusive Package or using your Business Club Rates then unlimited toll road use is included in the rate. If not then as you make your online booking you'll be asked if you would like to elect an e-tag option to your rental for a small daily fee, electing this option allows you unlimited road toll use.
This way, Redspot Sixt pay for all your toll charges during your rental period. If you do not elect online you will still have the option to elect the e-tag at the counter when collecting your vehicle.

What if I don't nominate my e-tag?
If you decide not to elect the e-tag option with your rental and don't go through a tollway, you won't be charged anything.
However, if you do drive through a toll road you will be charged the applicable toll road fee and an administration fee ($4.95).
This can take up to 4 weeks depending on the toll road operator.

Can I bring my own device?
Yes. The electronic devices in our rental cars are allowed to removed. Redspot Sixt can supply you with a free of charge magnetic shielding bag for our e-tag that will protect it from beeping as you drive through the toll road. If you bring your own tag device, please be aware that you will be charged if our toll device is used.

Where are the toll roads?

Toll Road NameLocation
Airport LinkBrisbane, QLD
Bolte BridgeMelbourne, VIC
Bradfield HighwaySydney, NSW
Burnley TunnelMelbourne, VIC
CityLinkMelbourne, VIC
Clem Jones TunnelBrisbane, QLD
Cross City TunnelSydney, NSW
Domain TunnelMelbourne, VIC
Eastern DistributorSydney, NSW
EastLinkMelbourne, VIC
Gateway bridgeBrisbane, QLD
Lane Cove TunnelSydney, NSW
Legacy WayBrisbane, QLD
Logan MotorwayBrisbane, QLD
M2 Hills MotorwaySydney, NSW
M5 South Western MotorwaySydney, NSW
Sydney Harbour BridgeSydney, NSW
Sydney Harbour TunnelSydney, NSW
Westlink M7Sydney, NSW
Current as of 10/09/12

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