Ford Falcon

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Redspot Car Rentals offers the Ford Falcon XT model in its range of full size automatic vehicles. If you’re in need of a bigger car, with a bit more grunt with a 4.0L V6 engine, or maybe the kids are getting too big to fit in the back of that small hatchback hire car, then the Ford Falcon is for you. The Falcon is a 6-speed automatic transmission with a fuel consumption that is surprisingly low for a V6 at only 9.9L/100km. The luggage compartment can take 535L of boot space which would fit a childs pram + a couple of suitcases.

Inside the car is full of extra features; CD player, Bluetooth audio, USB input, iPod integration and AUX input jack and stacks more.

Please Note: if you have your heart set on the Ford Falcon XT and we can’t source it for you on the day you need it, we’ll offer you a similar set of wheels from the same class, for the same price. We can only guarantee car class and can’t guarantee a specific car type.

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x5 x4 x2+ auto a/c


  • 5 Adults
  • 4 Doors Door
  • 2 Large, 1 Small
  • Automatic
  • 9.9L/100km (Petrol)
  • USB, Bluetooth , AUX, iPod, CD