As of the 1st of October 2014 and as part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to reducing red tape, Queensland registered vehicle owners will no longer receive or have to attach a registration label to their vehicles. 

So what does this mean for you?

Not much really, but for car hire companies like us it means we no longer have to update the registration stickers on thousands of car hire vehicles before the original expires. That’s a lot of work we can now focus on other things, like renting cars.

This decision by the Queensland Government also brings the policy in line with all the other states and territories making it the very last state to get on board, in what has been proven to be a very cost saving exercise.

So how do we know the rental car is registered?

Every vehicle added into our electronic car rental system contains every bit of information about the vehicle, from VIN numbers, type of fuel it can take, purchase date, mechanical service history, and of course its registration expiry date plus a bunch of other stuff. This system gives our team ample notice to re-register vehicles in time before they expire and we have a dedicated team in Sydney who do just that.

So how do law enforcement know the rental car is registered?

Australian Police do roadside registration checks using wireless equipment which checks a vehicle’s number plate details that will display the status of the registration.

So when are they banning those ‘my family stickers’?

We can only hope sooner than later. Check out our list of strange ‘my family stickers’.

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