Car Snacks

Car snacks – the good, the bad and the ugly

A coffee on the way to work, a chocolate bar when we fill the tank – hidden calories, but nothing serious…right? Many of us eat in the car every day without giving it much thought. However, on a road trip our appetites can increase as quickly as the speedometer! Quaint little café road signs taunt […]

Car Rental Checklist

Redspot Car Rental Checklist

Rental awareness can make a big difference to the way you travel. Save yourself time and money by following our car rental checklist and enjoy a quicker, easier rental experience. What to bring to the counter Make sure you have the following identification: A valid credit card issued in the driver’s name an original valid […]

Easter driving tips

Redspot Easter Driving Tips

Car preparation Make sure your car is road worthy before you leave. Book it in for a service (or check that your car is within its servicing period), this will ensure that oil and filters are changed, the brakes and brake lights are working and the tyres are checked for wear, have been wheel aligned […]

road trip

Dad’s guide to surviving the school holiday road trip

Bracing yourself for a road trip these school hols? Never fear, surviving the drive is easier than you think. A little bit of forward planning can help you deal with the familiar cries of “Are we there yet?” without losing your cool. Remember to print out this checklist before you go. Just for Dad – […]


6 reasons to hit the road this winter

In winter most people want to stay at home rugged up with a team scarf watching the footy. Which is why it’s the perfect time to travel. While everyone’s holding out for a summer holiday, take advantage of the off-season and live large. Here are 7 of the best reasons to get out form under […]

Business travel

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Life is all about balance. Too much time spent on the work side might burn you out. Too much time pleasure seeking and you might be singing for your supper because cash flow has ground to a halt. The key is to have one complement the other for a more holistic approach to your business […]

easter car hire

The benefits of car hire this Easter break

The Easter holidays mean camping trips by the beach, barbecues in the park and holidays far away. The first step to reaching your holiday destination is getting there. If you first have to catch a plane to your intended location or are going on a road trip for Easter, it may be wise to hire […]

Things to do with family in Brisbane

Brisbane City: Things to do as a family

Whether your in town with the family for one day or a week, there are plenty of things to see and do with your kids in sunny Brisbane. Here are our top picks.

baby seat

Buckle Up – Child Seat Safety Tips

Ensuring your kids are safe is the top of most parents priorities. So if you are planning to drive with children, ensuring they are safely buckled into a seat that has been installed correctly should also be as important.