A valid credit card or debit card must be provided for all rentals. The rental location accepts all major credit cards and debit cards for the payment for rental and ancillary goods and services. We do not accept cash as a payment type.

In most cases, the rental location will require a deposit (bond) of AUD 200.00 at the commencement of the rental. However, if all of the criteria below are met, the rental location will require a deposit (bond) amount of AUD $1,000 in addition to the rental charge:

  1. Renting from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Darwin or Perth Airports but not flying in, i.e. does not have a boarding pass for the day of commencement of the rental, and
  2. Lives within the greater metropolitan area of the city in which the airport is located, and
  3. Is a first time renter with Redspot, Enterprise, National or Alamo, and
  4. Is less than 40 years of age, and
  5. Is not a Corporate Renter

For the security deposits of AUD 200, the rental location will accept all major credit cards and debit cards but will not accept cash. For security deposits (bonds) of AUD 1,000, the rental location will only accept major credit cards, and will not accept debit cards or cash.

Charges for options and coverage must be settled at the commencement of the rental together with a deposit (bond). If a credit card is used for payment, the credit card holder will be listed as the hirer on the rental agreement, and the credit card holder must be present at the time of rental commencement.

A credit card fee of 0.80% applies to all charges except the deposit bond. Credit card surcharges are non-refundable.

The rental location cannot accept a card branded only by Union Pay. The rental location accepts Visa and MasterCard with Union Pay logo on the card, with numbers that begin with 6, 8 or 9.

All three items MUST be present on either the front or back of the Union Pay card to be accepted:

  1. The China Union Pay logo is a red, blue, green striped logo and will be found on the front of the card
  2. The Visa Credit card logo is the standard silver hologram of the Visa ‘Dove’, this can be found either on the front or back of the Credit card. This hologram indicates to staff that the card is a “credit” card. Union Pay Debit cards do not have the hologram. Debit cards are NOT accepted at this time.
  3. The standard Visa logo will be located on the front of the card and has the word “VISA” in blue and gold. Important: Single branded Union Pay Debit cards have a CUP logo only. They do not have a hologram, or any other bank logo.