Here you’ll find the most common questions asked by Redspot Car Rentals renters. The answers may not apply in all circumstances, but they do give you a general heads up about how things work around here.
(PS: our legal guys want you to know that what’s found in the Rental Agreement will always take precedence over what’s covered in our FAQ’s.)

Accidents & breakdowns

What if I need roadside assistance?

It doesn’t matter how new or old a car is, breakdowns happen and you need to be prepared for when they do. When you rent from Redspot Car Rentals you automatically receive 24-hour roadside assistance for any mechanical faults that may occur for the duration of the rental period. The details of who to contact are on the car key tag. If you’d rather be covered for everything from lost keys to punctured tyres and running out of fuel, you can pre-pay for our Premium roadside assistance. It’s a small daily fee for complete peace of mind. Refer to our table of standard fees and charges for more information. The most common causes of vehicle breakdowns, what the symptoms are, and what you should do if they happen to you can be read here.

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What happens if I have an accident?

Tell us about it as soon as possible, definitely within 24 hours.

  • Make sure that you get all the details of any third parties, witnesses and police that attend at the scene. Please don’t admit liability.
  • If your rental isn’t drivable and the police arrange for it to be towed, make sure you get the name and phone number of the tow truck company and (if possible) the registration number of the tow truck.
  • You’ll find an accident report form in the glove box of your car that will walk you through the info required.
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What if my car breaks down?

Our cars are covered by 24-hour Roadside Assistance. The details of who to contact are on the car key tag.

What if I get a flat tyre?

Our cars come with a spare tyre and we ask that you change the tyre yourself (vehicle manual in the glove box). If you need to use our Roadside Assistance service, the call-out fee will be passed on to you. Or you can pre-pay for our Premium Roadside Assistance package, at a minimal daily fee. Refer to the table of standard fees and charges for more info.

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What happens if I lose the keys or lock them in the car?

Call 1300 668 810 and we’ll give you the number to call for Roadside Assistance. Note that you aren’t automatically covered for non-mechanical defects like keys locked in the car, lost keys, flat battery due to lights being left on and so on. If this situation happens, we ask that you pay the call-out fee and $24 for admin.
If you lose the keys, we’ll of course provide a replacement key. Delivery time depends on location and a fee will be charged.
Or you can pre-pay for our Premium Roadside Assistance package, at a minimal daily fee. Refer to the table of standard fees and charges for more info.

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Additional drivers

Can I let other people drive the car?

Yes, but to be covered by insurance they must present their driver’s licence to us and be included in your Rental Agreement (before driving the car!).

Is there an additional cost for extra drivers?

Not if you’re renting on our all-inclusive rates. A surcharge applies on certain rates, and a higher surcharge applies if the additional driver is younger than 25. Call 1300 668 810 (+61 2 8303 2222 international) or review the table of standard fees and charges.

Child seats

Do you supply and fit child seats?

We provide baby, child and booster seats for a small daily fee. For liability reasons, our staff are not allowed to install child or baby seats in a car. Instructions for installing child seats and capsules will be supplied by our staff.
Unsure about which size seat is best for your child? Have a read of our child seat safety tips.

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Delivery and collection

Will Redspot Car Rentals deliver and collect the car?

Yes, we can usually deliver to city hotels. A charge may apply so please just ask when you next make a booking. Please be aware that certain conditions apply, and this service is subject to peak seasons and staff availability on the time of day you need the car.

How long will Redspot hold my booking for if I’m running late?

Typically at airports we will hold the vehicle from being re-rented for up to 2 hours, and up to 3 hours in downtown and regional areas. If you have arriving flight details in your airport reservation we will track any delays and update your booking accordingly. Same goes if you have contact information, we will attempt to call you before reassigning the vehicle again, just in case your arriving time has suddenly changed.

Driving safety

Any road safety tips I should be aware of?

  • Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Give way to the right.
  • Wearing seatbelts for the driver and all passengers is compulsory.
  • Distances between destinations can be vast and we recommend that you change drivers or take a break every two hours.
  • Be careful of animals on the road, in particular in the country and remote areas from dusk onwards.
  • Speed limits apply on all Australian roads and are well sign-posted.

Fuel & refuelling

Do I have to return the car full of fuel?

Your car will be full of fuel when you collect it. When you return the car, it’s up to you if you want to refuel or not:

  1. You can pre-pay for the full tank it contains at the start of your rental at a discounted rate to save you time the hassle of filling it up later. (There’s no refund for unused fuel.)
  2. We have a refuelling service and charge you for the fuel used. (This is at a higher rate than the above.)
  3. You can refuel the car yourself. Just be sure to fill it right up immediately before you return it to avoid a further charge.
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How much do you charge for fuel?

As petrol prices fluctuate daily, we can’t give you a definite cost. What we can say is that it depends on the refuel option you’ve selected (see above FAQ) and the retail cost of fuel in the city the car is returned to.

  • Our price per litre for the pre-paid fuel option is competitive with pump prices at fuel stations.
  • Our refuelling service will be at a much higher rate, please ask us at the rental counter.

Further questions

If you have questions that we haven’t been able to answer for you in our FAQs, here’s how to reach us:

General rental info

What do I need to show you when renting a car?

Credit/charge card and/or purchase order or pre-paid voucher. You’ll also need your driver’s licence and the driver’s licences of anyone wishing to drive. If your driver’s licence does not display a current home address, you will also need to supply identification that shows this, i.e. a utilities bill, etc. If you are an overseas driver’s licence holder, have a read of our article that discusses the requirement with international licences.

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What do I need to pay you when renting a car?

Rental charges are payable when you collect the car. If using a credit card for payment, we’ll charge the rental and pre-authorise it for the security bond.

Please ensure your card has at least $200 funds available in addition to the rental cost. (Note that we don’t deduct this amount from your card.) If you have prepaid your rental to a travel agent or on a website (including ours) please show us proof of payment with you when collecting your car.

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Can I get a specific colour?

If you have a burning desire for a particular car colour please let us know at the counter. If we have your preference available, it’s yours.

Can I get the make and model of the car I prefer?

If there’s a particular car you want please let us know when booking. If we have your preference in our fleet and it’s available on the day, it’s yours.

Can I use someone else’s credit card?

No, the credit card must be under the same name as the main driver of the vehicle.

Can I pay cash?

No, you will need a credit card for the rental cost and security bond.

Can I remove the seats from a minivan?

Sorry, no. Please keep seats where they are in all vehicles from our fleet.

What’s a vehicle registration recovery fee (RRF)?

It’s a surcharge to cover our vehicle registration and compulsory third party insurance costs. This fee is generally snuck in as a hidden cost by our competitors but with us, it’s part of our all-inclusive rate quoted up front.

What’s a premium location fee (PLF)?

It’s a surcharge for those rentals collected from airport and certain downtown locations. This fee is generally snuck in as a hidden cost by our competitors but with us, it’s part of our all-inclusive rate quoted up front.


Can I hire a GPS (satellite navigation)?

Yes. You can pre book your GPS on our website with your car. GPS units are available at most Redspot Car Rentals locations.

My GPS won’t turn on. What do I do?

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter and then press the reset button (located in a pin size hole at the unit’s base). If you still have no luck, call the branch in which you picked up the car.

If I miss a turn will the GPS tell me to turn around?

Within seconds of missing a turn-off the GPS will reset itself and find next best route. (They’re clever little things.)

When I leave the vehicle where do I put the GPS?

As they’re expensive and rather attractive to thieves, please don’t leave them unattended or in a place that can be seen by prying eyes. The GPS is your responsibility and we rely on you to keep it safe from harm.

Left & lost property

What happens if I Ieave something behind?

We make every attempt to recover and return items left behind, but accept no obligation or responsibility. Any costs incurred are the renter’s responsibility. If you believe you have left something behind, contact the returning location so they can investigate.

Items found in vehicles will be held for no more than 4 weeks if no arrangements are able to be made with hirer.

Minimum age

What’s the minimum rental age?

The minimum age is 21. Note that drivers younger than 25 are required to pay a surcharge and can only rent out small to medium sized sedans and hatchbacks. For more information have a read of our article about young drivers and hiring a car.

Optional damage liability cover

What’s damage liability reduction?

It’s all explained on our Damage Cover Options Page.

What if I decline the damage liability reduction options?

If you choose not to purchase any liability reduction options, this makes you liable for the full cost of the liability that applies to your rental in the event of an accident or damage to the car.

Won’t my credit card cover it?

Yes, some credit card providers do offer protection if you present their card at the time of rental. If unsure please look closely at the terms of this coverage, protection is often supplemental and certain limitations or restrictions may apply.
In the event of an accident or damage to the car you are liable for the damage liability shown on your Rental Agreement (even if you have credit card cover). You’ll need to claim this back from the credit card provider yourself to be reimbursed.

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If I return the car before the due date can I get a refund?

Unless the reservation is booked through Redspot Car Rentals Top Dog rate, there are no refunds on early returns.

Rental length and extensions

How do I extend my rental and will it change my rate?

If a car is available we’re happy to extend your rental (and yes it may change your rate). Simply contact the location where the car was rented to arrange, or call 1300 668 810 (+61 2 8303 2222 international) to find out more.

What’s the minimum amount of days I can rent a car for?

Rentals are charged on a 24-hour basis. A 59-minute grace period applies to most rentals, after which additional hours or days will be charged.

Street directories

We provide these at most locations if available (a small fee may apply).

The security bond

What’s a security bond?

It’s a pre-authorisation on your credit card for a bond we use as security against further charges while you’re renting with us. Read more about security bonds.

Toll roads

Are there many toll roads in Australia?

Yes. There are toll roads in many cities. They’re all clearly signed and are operated by a number of organisations including State Government and private companies.

Do I have to pay tolls myself?

If you happen to drive through a toll road you will be charged the applicable fee the toll road charges and a Redspot administration processing fee of $1.43 p/toll charge. This can take up to 4 weeks depending on the toll road operator. You also have the option to pre-pay your toll charges by purchasing a Toll Pass Waiver at time of collection.

What if I have my own tag?

You may bring your own device, but if you do, you risk being charged twice.

Traffic fines

What happens if I’m naughty?

If we receive a fine on your behalf we complete a statutory declaration and the fine is sent on to you at the address provided. We charge a $55 admin fee for this service (without notice) to the card provided at the time of rental. Unfortunately we can’t accept your payment for the fine, only the admin fee.

Where you can drive

Can I take the car anywhere I want?

You’ll be asked at the time of rental where you intend using the car. Please note the following:

  • Please don’t use unsealed roads.
  • Please don’t drive above the snow line.
  • NT and WA – generally cars may not be driven into the Northern Territory (except when rented in Darwin) and Western Australia (except when rented in Perth and the area of use is limited to no further north than Carnarvon or east of Kalgoorlie).
  • QLD – In Far North Queensland, please don’t drive further north than Cooktown (15.27S) nor in a westerly direction beyond Chillagoe and Georgetown. Cars are not permitted to travel along the ‘Bloomfield Track’ coastal route between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.

If unsure please email [email protected] or call 1300 668 810 (+61 2 8303 2222 international).

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Kilometre Restrictions

Darwin Airport – All vehicles collected from Darwin have a 100km p/day included on all vehicle classes. on all rates.

Any additional kilometre use that exceeds these amounts is charged at $0.25 +GST per kilometre.

Perth Airport/Downtown – IFAR/PVAR collected from either Perth Airport or Perth City have 300km p/day included in the rate. Additional kilometre use that exceeds this amount is charged at $0.25 +GST per kilometre.

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