Hobart’s No.1 Car Rental

09/10/2019, Marija Location Guides

Hobart’s economy has shown considerable growth in the past few years, performing impressively while embracing its status as an underdog city. The capital of Tasmania has been cited as one of the top cities that promote innovation, and Redspot Car Rentals shares these common values as an underdog car rental company.

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This Father’s Day, the jokes on your kids.

09/10/2019, Marija Fun Stuff

Hitting the road for a Father’s day trip is an Aussie tradition. There’s nothing better than rolling down the highway with the top 100 classic rock countdown turned up and the windows down. The only problem with this dream scenario is the kids whining in the back. Sure you could bring activities for them, or […]

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Summer Road Trips

27/11/2018, brad.aldcroft Uncategorized

Why not holiday in your own backyard this summer? Just think of the benefits: no need for a passport, no long-haul flights, no jet lag and best of all…it won’t break the bank. Plus, you can go for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. In the year ending July 18, we welcomed […]

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Take a trip to Ballarat for the biggest ever showcase of Australian art

31/07/2018, brad.aldcroft Location Guides Road Trips

Ballarat’s art scene will go through a renaissance of sorts between September and November, offering road trippers the opportunity to discover some of Australia’s best artworks against a unique historic backdrop. The inaugural Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA) will see 150 artists from across the country bring their works to the regional city, transforming the […]

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One-Way Relocation Deals

11/07/2018, brad.aldcroft Uncategorized

Looking for an adventure, a chance to explore the country without breaking the bank? Well, here’s your chance to shake up your next holiday with a one-way relocation deal from Redspot. We’re always needing cars to go from one location to another, giving you a great opportunity to see more of Australia with ridiculously cheap […]

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New Zealand skiing made easy…

05/06/2018, brad.aldcroft Fun Stuff Location Guides

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an experienced skier or snowboarder because New Zealand has a ski track for everyone. Each year skiers from all over the world flock to the South Island to experience the snowfields, so it’s best to plan and book ahead. You can get direct flights from Australia […]

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The Best Apps to Download When Travelling in Australia

09/05/2018, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips Useful Articles

Redspot has plenty of optional extras to help you on your way in comfort and safety. But what about other circumstances that crop up when you’re on the road? Resourceful travel Apps make travelling so much easier and with so many FREE travel Apps in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play, you’ll be surprised […]

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Five reasons to take a road trip to Ballarat this Autumn

28/03/2018, brad.aldcroft Location Guides

Every Autumn, the historic city of Ballarat comes to life with an array of contemporary culinary offerings set against the iconic heritage backdrop that has become synonymous with this gold-rush destination. This year is set to be no different, with close to 40 food and wine events staged throughout the city’s restaurants, eateries and cafes […]

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Moving on – the many benefits of hiring a truck

08/03/2018, brad.aldcroft Uncategorized

If you’re thinking of moving home or your office and want to save money, then hire an Enterprise Rent-A-Car truck or van. Hiring your own truck is a cost-effective, convenient and flexible DIY moving solution and will give you 100% control over your move, and more importantly, your valuable possessions. One of the most significant […]

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Don’t move, we’ll pick you up

21/02/2018, brad.aldcroft Uncategorized Useful Articles

Life is speeding up or at least it seems that way. All of us are busier than ever before and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. That’s why Redspot Enterprise is determined to make our rental experience as fast, efficient and pleasant an experience as possible. We’re here to help, we’re here to […]

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