Redspot has a number of charge types both that may appear on your rental contract or closure invoice. These charges can be services added to the rental before or at time of collection such as damage coverage or fuel services. There are also other mandatory fees that are included in the rental rate, such as taxes and surcharges. The below table will help explain the various fees and charges you may see on your rental invoice.

Mandatory Charges

DescriptionCost (including GST)
(RATE CHARGE) The basic rental cost of time and kilometresVaries
(LOCATION FEE) Airport or premium location feeVaries
(REGISTRATION FEE) Cost for registration, state tax, insurance, maintenance$7.70 per day
(CONTRACT FEE) Fee to pay for vehicle rental facilities3.5%
(GST) Government Goods and Services Tax10%

Security Authorisations

Rentals are subject to a credit card pre-authorisation security. We will authorise at the start of rental for an amount up to AUD 1,000.00 depending on the vehicle class rented. A credit card authorisation is not a charge, but it will limit the funds available on your credit card. If no charges are processed by us your bank will release the hold on your funds after a period of up to 28 days.  

ConditionSecurity Auth Required
Passenger Fleet$200.00
Commercial Fleet$500.00
Prestige Fleet$1000.00
Local Renter*$1000.00
*Please see Local Renter Policy below for more information.

Payment Types

A valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card or Visa or MasterCard debit card must be provided for all rentals. The credit card holder is listed as the hirer and must be present at the time of rental commencement. Redspot does not accept cards presented on phones/watches and doesn’t allow contactless payment methods such as pay-wave. You must present a physical card. We do not accept prepaid or reloadable stored value card or travel money card or an EFTPOS card.

Optional Extras & Additional Fees

DescriptionCost (including GST)
(ADMFEE) Administration Fee to process and allocate a toll road fee$3.03 per toll
(ADR) Additional Drivers p/day, per additional driver. For more info.$11.00 per day
(BOXES) Purchase of moving boxes. For more info.$11.00 per box pack
(BST) Booster Seat$44.00 per rental
(CCF) Credit card fee0.80%
(CSI) Infant Seat$77.00 per rental
(CST) Child Seat$77.00 per rental
(FHC) Traffic Infringement Handling Fee$55.00 per fine
(FRID) Portable Fridge$27.50 per day
(GPS) Portable Satelite Navigation$19.80 per day, maxed at $118.80 per rental
(IVMS) In Vehicle Monitoring System$16.50 per day
(LKC) Lost Key ChargeVaries*
(PRAP) Premium Roadside Assistance$9.90 per day
(PROSERV) Professional Deep Clean e.g. smoking or soiled vehicle$200.00 – $400.00
(RACOF) Roadside Assistance Call Fee$230.00
(RECKIT) Recover Kit$16.50 per day
(SATPHO) UHF Satelite Phone$27.50 per day
(STRAPS) Tiedown Straps$11.00 per day
(TOLLS) The cost road toll provide charged to transitVaries**
(TPW) Toll Pass Waiver$27.50 (QLD) – $55.00 (NSW/VIC) per day
(TROLLEY2) 2 x Wheel Hand Trolley$16.50 per day
(TROLLEY3) 3x Wheel Hand Trolley$22.00 per day
(VD) Charged Vehicle Damage LiabilityYour elected damage liability
(WINTS) Windcreen and Tyre Cover$15.40 – $22.00 per day – dependent on vehicle type.
(YRAC) Probationary License Driver Fee $30.80 per day
(YRT) Young Driver Surcharge (age 21-24)$25.85 per day
*LKC – Lost Key Charge – cost of replacement keys varies depending on the make/modem vehicle rented.
**TOLLS – Road toll providers vary the cost they charge.

Damage Liability

Redspot offers and charges a range of damage liability products. For more information

Vehicle Relocation Charges

All rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it was collected from will be subject to a one-way fee. The one-way fee varies based on the car category, location, and pick-up date. The exact amount of the one-way fee will be displayed during the reservation process when entering the dates, desired route, and car category. 
Note: One-Ways to and from Western Australia and the Northern Territory are not permitted.