Credit Card Change:

From August 1st 2014, the major financial institutions and credit card schemes including MasterCard and Visa will be replacing signature to authenticate purchases to the more secure PIN method which utilises the built in security chip.

In preparation for August, we encourage all our customers to memorise their credit and debit card PIN numbers. If any customers are unsure about their PIN or how the change impacts them, we encourage them to contact their bank or card issuer.

What happens if I do not have a PIN?

You will have to call your bank or credit card provider on the number listed on your card and register a pin or Log into your bank’s internet banking system and register a PIN or visit a branch and have a PIN created.

What happens if I forgot my PIN?

If you type in the wrong PIN three times into the point-of-sale terminal, your card will become locked and you will be unable to complete a point-of-sale transaction. If this should happen, call your bank or credit card provider on the number printed on the card.

What transactions do not require a PIN?

At Redspot Car Rentals, transactions using a credit card in person will require a PIN. Adjustments to your booking made over the phone will not require a PIN.