Redspot Announces its Metropolitan Expansion into Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne to Support Residential Growth

Redspot Australia new location openings in Beverley SA, Moorooka QLD and Coburg VIC will focus on assisting local residents and small business owners in the area. The new locations are designed to help commercial owners and renters in the area opting for more economical means of transportation, as many are now choosing car hire over car ownership for financial and convenience purposes.

The laidback suburbs of Beverley, Moorooka and Coburg are occupied with long-term homeowners with a strong sense of community. Redspot’s new locations are ideal for growing a small business within these large residential areas. Redspot offers a range of motor vehicles from small cars to large sedans, SUVs or 4WDs, trucks and vans.

Redspot has the perfect vehicles for inner city workers who don’t want to worry about transportation schedules. Redspot offers flexible solutions and packages with competitive pricing to business owners as well as for its truck and van rentals.

All over Australia residents are discovering firsthand the advantages of renting vehicles over buying outright. It’s no secret that cars are expensive, but a brand new car loses its value the moment it’s driven out of the dealership and the upkeep is ongoing. Essentials such as registrations, insurance, repairs, petrol and even parking can put a real strain on a household’s budget. In a move that supports metro suburbs growth, Redspot’s new locations are ideally suited to residents who have chosen to forgo the large upkeep of owning a car to simply hire one when needed.

“We’re very excited about bringing our services to largely residential areas such as Beverley, Rocklea and Coburg. These new locations will offer better transportation options for both residents and business owners in the area as we continue our expansion into metro locations as well as popular tourist destinations. We want to support local residents as well as our international and interstate travellers”, said Dan Mekler, Managing Director.