2016 may be the year of the monkey, but the road will always be a zoo. Check out your Chinese zodiac sign characteristics and driving style below:

The Rat – creative, resourceful and imaginative, unfortunately, they can also be hyperactive. The Rat likes to get where they are going fast, so fasten your seatbelt! And, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hitting your imaginary brakes or gripping your seatbelt.

The Ox – gentle, peace loving, trusting – accepts others for what they are. The Ox driver is a nice driver who looks out for others on the road – helps drivers who are in a difficult spot, lets them pull out into traffic, at the lights and roundabouts. The Ox is consistently pleasant, make sure you give a wave of thanks.

The Tiger – strong, aggressive and courageous, but can be selfish and short-tempered. Driving style: always in a hurry – not afraid to use the horn (and bad language). Try not to take it personally.

The Rabbit – uncomplicated and affectionate, leaves leadership roles to other stronger souls. Their hands are firmly placed at the 10 and 2 steering wheel position their seat is close up to the steering wheel. They approach junctions painfully slowly and always keep within or just under the speed limit.

The Dragon – powerful, gifted, full of vitality, prone to worry and is perhaps too fastidious. The dragon is the owner of the cleanest car in town, not a crumb or chip packet in sight, plus an organised glovebox. So, perfect it feels like a hire car. What’s that smell – Apple Spice or Sky Breeze?

The Snake – Intellectual, quick-witted, passionate (also known for their beauty and their brains). Easy to spot – they’re the drivers who multi-task while driving: applying make-up, drinking coffee, talking or dictating text messages (hands-free of course). Regardless of your zodiac sign – if you are a multi-tasker, please stop before you hurt someone!

The Horse – Plenty of sex appeal, charming, smart and popular. Loves singing and bopping along to their favourite artists or radio station. Do they care what the world thinks of their animated driving? No, they’re having a ball and enjoying the journey. Way to go Silver!

The Goat – confident, persevering and protective of the weak. The Goat actually follows the road rules – signals properly, approaches lights and intersections with the right amount of caution, never tailgates and understand the meaning of stop signs.

The Monkey – intelligent with a sense of humour, original thinker, friendly and introvert. The Monkey is a big fan of the car accessory and like to customise their ride with seat covers, multiple tail pipes, eyelashes for their headlights or antlers for the rooftop at Christmas.

The Rooster – always busy, seemingly self-centered, sensitive and attentive to its friends. This bird likes to play the latest awesome music while they’re driving. But it’s not enough that they can hear; everyone from fellow drivers to pedestrians must also hear how fantastic their music is – that’s why they play it at ground-shaking decibels.

The Dog – Loyal, trusted, compassionate, protector and is always ready to give aid. Road Safety personified, the Dog ensures everyone is buckled up, adjusts mirrors, audio and all other controls, has checked the routes and the traffic…before they turn on the ignition. Once on the road nothing can break their concentration: they look, listen and anticipate driving hazards.

The Pig – courageous, independent and do not like to compromise. They live in their car and if you ever get a lift – you will have to share your seat with their books, empty crisp packets and in-car phone charger.


Please note that all the above is a result of an active imagination and should not be taken seriously – enjoy your Chinese happiness and Xīnnián hǎo!