We’ve all experienced it when getting ready for a trip: when you’re approaching the airport, or just as your plan is preparing for take-off, you remember those small but vital, forgotten items. Here’s a handy list of last-minute travellers’ essentials that can be all too easy to forget in the dash to get away on time:

Adapter Plug

Make sure you have the right converter for Australia’s electricity system.

Duct Tape

Useful to hold suitcases together in case they fall about during baggage handling or become so full of new purchases on the way home they risk breaking.

Memory Cards

Remember these and you won’t be forced to cut short your holiday snaps or waste precious sight-seeing time hunting the shops.

MP3 player/iPod

So useful when driving long distances: simply plug it into the car’s speakers to enjoy your favourite music on the go.


Unbeatable for travel information on the move, for access to travel apps and the web.

Portable electronic charger

All your great travel and convenience technology is useless without a power charger; check and double-check you have them all before you leave home.


Essential for the Aussie summer, but make sure the packaged volume is 150ml or under to avoid confiscation by airport security.


Books are expensive in Australia, so pack your favourites for those quiet holiday moments or even better, stock up the Kindle to save on luggage weight.

Ziplock bags

Nothing ruins a holiday like a leaked bottle of shampoo in your suitcase; seal all your liquids in strong, clear bags inside your suitcase.

Vital medicines

Of course you can get just about any medicine you need in Australia, but to save the time and hassle of visiting doctors for prescriptions, pack vital and preventative drugs – along with your prescriptions, in case you are stopped at customs.

Travel Insurance Details

Assuming you have a policy arranged, don’t forget to bring contact details, should you need to make a claim during your trip.


This is important if you are going off the beaten track, but make sure someone knows where you are headed so they can raise the alarm in the rare case that anything goes wrong.

Bank Details

Running out of money on holidays is no fun and many banks query or even stop unusual transactions, for security reasons. Tell your bank you’re heading away and take their emergency telephone number with you, in case your card is stolen or lost.

Mini-First Aid Kit

A few essentials in your travel bag, such as band-aids, anti-nausea pills and painkillers are lightweight essentials that might come in handy.


Unbeatable for travel information on the move, for access to travel apps and the web.

Bug Repellent

Not all the locals are friendly in Australia, so bring some bug spray and remedy cream, just in case.

Sleep kit

Invaluable when backpacking or travelling on a noisy coach or train, some ear plugs and an eye mask help to block out the world when you need a snooze.

Quick-dry microfibre towel

Great on the beach or at a hostel, a fast-drying towel hardly takes up any space in your luggage.


Keep your possessions secure with a padlock, for when they need to be out of your sight.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Just the thing to drown out that noisy baby or snoring neighbour on your plane.


Just in case technology lets you down, an old-school printed guide book can keep you on the right path.