The way we do things around here:

  1. You are down to earth, honest and reliable.
  2. You encourage and reward great service and effort.
  3. You think and act like a winner, you never hide from an opportunity to please a customer.
  4. You care immensely about Redspot’s success.
  5. You value our reputation and our relationship with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.
  6. You lead by example, your team members follow what you do not what you say.
  7. You meet the world head on as a truthful transparent business person.
  8. You value everyone and recognise company results are an accumulation of each individual’s input.
  9. You recruit the best for our team, you hire enthusiasm and ability, skills can be taught.
  10. You establish career paths for your team members and prepare successors from within.
  11. You make time to help colleagues, you share information openly and proactively with them.
  12. You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you.
  13. You make hard decisions without agonising.
  14. You question actions inconsistent with our value.

Aspire to be the best at what you do. Good is the enemy of Great!