Redspot Car Rentals purchases the latest model TomTom GPS navigation for its customers to hire.  TomTom Navigator helps you get to your destination safely and efficiently, has spoken street names, speeding alerts and advanced lane guidance provide a stress-free driving experience.

 Key Features

  • The TomTom GPS gives you a clear view of your current position with a large 5” resistive touch screen.
  • This GPS navigator is big on safety when it comes to making turns by keeping your eyes on the road with spoken street names and instructions.
  • Speed alerts remind you to keep your speed in check so you can avoid costly fines and demerit points.
  • Find parking that is convenient for you with parking assist, meaning planning your route through high-density areas is now a simple and stress-free part of your journey.
  • It also makes travelling to frequent destinations easy by letting you assign customisable icons to common routes.

Tom Tom® units are available at all Redspot locations, subject to availability.