Outback on the Easy – Part two

Outback on the Easy – Part two

A luxe, Top End road-trip is the ideal way to lap up iconic landscapes.

We continue Melissa Rimac’s pictorial blog. Melissa is a freelance journalist, who rented a Redspot Mitsubishi Outlander for her top-end road-trip.

Tom Curtain at Katherine








Just outside Katherine, musician and horse- magician Tom Curtain puts on a riveting show involving untrained horses and working dogs.

Rocks Scattered like Marbles








Approaching Kakadu National Park, we pass rock formations that resemble giant marbles. Maguk, a vast pool encased within painted cliffs is an irresistible stop.

Cabin at Anbinink








Centrally-located Anbinik, a funky resort with an inviting pool and lounging area, is our Kakadu base. Lush golden cane palms surround the spacious cabins.

Ubirr Art









Aboriginal rock art site, Ubirr is a soulful sunset pilgrimage: tangerine and candy pink over unfurled floodplains, crimson and purple over Arnhem Land’s stone country.

Yellow River Wetlands







The Yellow Water sunrise cruise presents a scene unmarred by time and human meddling; I’m fixated with jabiru tip-toeing on lotus leaves, but there’s also crocs and birds everywhere.

Nourlangie Bush









Nourlangie, another grandly- set rock art showcase, and accessible billabongs such as Anbangbang are also situated in this part of Kakadu.

Fog Dam








Driving back to Darwin, the Mamukala wetlands and Fog Dam warrant a camera-poised stop.

Peaceful Parkland Opposite Darwin Mantra







Devoid of crowds, traffic and cloying high-rise; everything about Darwin seems to move at a slower pace. From the large wrap around balcony of our apartment at the Mantra-On-The-Esplanade, we overlook the splayed harbour and tropical promenade.

Darwin Jetty







Nearby is the breezy wharf precinct, the wave pool, botanical gardens and galleries. I’m thinking I should catch the famous Mindil Beach markets or (outdoor) Deckchair Cinema. However, it’s rather compelling to kick back on the chaise and watch the sun slip into the ocean.