The Easter holidays mean camping trips by the beach, barbecues in the park and holidays far away. The first step to reaching your holiday destination is getting there. If you first have to catch a plane to your intended location or are going on a road trip for Easter, it may be wise to hire a car to get there. We here at Redspot are a national airport car rental company who can help.

Heading to another state?

If you are flying to your location, then renting a vehicle with Redspot is easy. With car hire locations at all the major airports around Australia, it is easy to get a hire car. A vehicle can make it easy to get to your location and is also great for storing your items if you plan to camp or have a long way to go in order to reach your destination.

Planning a road trip?

A road trip can be a lot of fun for the whole family. A hire vehicle can make the trip a lot more comfortable and affordable. With the choice of a range of different cars and extra luxuries at a small fee, leave your family car at home and make everyone happy with a rental vehicle from Redspot.

What vehicle should you choose?

Redspot have a great range of vehicles for your Easter break. For a family outing, Redspot offer an economy Nissan Micra Manual for smaller families, a compact Nissan Almera Auto for up to three adults and two children, and an 8 Seater Minivan for larger groups.

So, if you are planning a trip this Easter break, consider airport car rental to get you from A to B and back again. For more information about Redspot’s rentals, or to book a vehicle now, call us on 1300 668 810. Alternatively, you can book online by heading to our booking page on our website.