One problem younger people find when hiring a vehicle is the age restrictions. The accepted age for airport car hire in most locations is 25 and older. However, there are many holiday-goers and those on business trips under this age who need a car to get from A to B in the area they are visiting. Although most rental companies won’t offer this, or will only give it to people under 25 at an exorbitant fee, Redspot Car Rentals stands out from the rest, offering car hire for those between 21 and 25 at a reasonable price.

Redspot Car Rentals are one of the few car hire companies in Australia who can offer vehicles for those under the age of 25, as well as drivers holding an Australian Provisional Drivers Licence. This means you can get around with the aid of your own rental vehicle, saving you time and money on public transport and taxis that can be better spent on something more important.

The only restrictions to those between 21 and 25 is a small daily surcharge and that the renter can only hire out ECMR, ECAR, CDAR and IDAR class vehicles. This means you can only hire small to medium cars. Provisional license holders and those between the age of 21 and 24 also cannot reduce their damage cover below $330.00.

For more information about airport car hire for those under the age of 25 or hold a provisional license, check out our provisional licenses holder page. Alternatively, you can call our helpful team on 1300 668 810 to find a location near you, reserve a car or for any queries not answered on our site.

Happy travelling!