When booking your rental vehicle you often see next to the vehicle description a four letter code that means absolutely nothing to most of us. But understanding these codes could stop you from accidentally booking a mini clown car when in fact you wanted a V8 super machine sedan.

So what are these codes about?

Back in the late 80’s a bunch of major international car rental companies got sick to death of customers getting confused with the different car types from different car rental companies and not being able to compare apples for apples. So they put their heads together and came up with a clear common standards for the rental vehicle industry..

How does it work?

Each letter represents a specific column in what we call the SIPP matrix or Acriss matrix. The matrix outlines in detail each letter for each category.

  • The first letter represents the Category of the car which describes the car as a whole against which the competitors can equally compare with; such as Mini, Economy, Full Size etc.
  • The second letter represents the Type of car, and any major features it might have, such as Convertible, SUV, 2/3 doors, van etc.
  • The third letter represents the type of Transmission i.e. Automatic, manual etc.
  • And lastly the fourth letter represents the type of Fuel the vehicle takes, and whether it has Air Conditioning.

Here’s the Matrix

M Mini B 2-3 Door M Manual Unspecified Drive Unspecified Fuel/With AC
N Mini Elite C 2-4 Door N Manual 4WD Unspecified Fuel/Without AC
E Economy D 4-5 Door C Manual AWD D Diesel/With AC
H Economy Elite W Wagon/Estate A Auto Unspecified Drive D Diesel/Without AC
C Compact V Passenger Van B Auto 4WD H Hybrid/with AC
D Compact Elite L Limousine D Auto AWD I Hybrid/Without AC
I Intermediate S Sport E Electric/With AC
J Intermediate Elite T Convertible C Electric/Without AC
S Standard F SUV LPG/With AC
R Standard Elite J Open Air All Terrain LPG/Without AC
F Fullsize X Special A Hydrogen/With AC
G Fullsize Elite P Pickup Regular Cab B Hydrogen/Without AC
P Premium Q Pickup Extended Cab M Multi Fuel/With AC
U Premium Elite Q Special Offer Car F Multi Fuel/Without AC
L Luxury E Coupe V Petrol/With AC
W Luxury Elite M Monospace Z Petrol/Without AC
O Oversize R Recreational Vehicle U Ethanol/With AC
X Special H Motor Home X Ethanol/Without AC
Y 2 Wheel Vehicle
N Roadster
G Crossover
K Commercial Van/Truck

So when you see read ECAR – it really means “Ecomomy, 2/4 door, Auto with unspecified Fuel and AC.”

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