There are a many rumors on the web about all kinds or car rental myths. Some are true, and some are just plain false. Redspot Car Rentals prides itself of being up front and transparent with its business practices to its customers and has focused on a few car rental myths below to try and bring some clarity to the discussion. Read on:

No More Scams!

Renting a car should be a peaceful and friendly experience from the beginning to the end, however consumers in some cases might feel ‘scammed’ when they go through this process. It is important to understand what is required of the consumer when renting a car and for the rental agency to communicate with you clearly.

The car rental industry can be somewhat controversial and isn’t short of alleged fraudulent claims originating from consumers and rental agencies themselves. Under Australian Consumer Law consumer guarantees cannot be excluded, even by agreement. It is a standard that must be met by rental agencies, as is by ours here at Redspot Car Rentals.

If you need have anything you need to discuss you can contact us on 1300 668 810, or do see our FAQ section which answers a number of the questions raised here:

Vehicle Inspection

The acceptable quality of a rental vehicle is a vital component of the rental agreement. Upon receiving a rental car the consumer is allowed to determine an acceptable quality even if it has hidden defects or ones that would be difficult to detect or would require expert knowledge. This is an area that is constantly under battle between consumers and car rental companies.

We believe in open and honest communication. Even if you are in a rush it’s always important to take a look across the vehicle to ensure you are comfortable with the pickup state, noticing any blemishes or bumps and bruises that may have been there before you took the keys. Some customers like to take the odd photo or two and of course this is more than fine. If you spot anything or notice a defect just make sure you bring this to attention in a timely manner.

Some good things to check in with on the condition of your vehicle when talking to us:

  • What if I spot a defect after I have picked up the car that I didn’t notice prior?
  • Vehicles all get wear and tear, what’s sorts of ‘blemishes’ are expected as covered during normal rental cover?
  • If a defect is spotted after I return the vehicle, how would I be notified and what is the process?

You can visit this page to find out more on Australian Consumer Law or for our policies visit Vehicle Damage Policy.

‘Invisible Hail Damage’?

Although it certainly doesn’t hail every day, it’s really important to weigh up the relevant weather conditions when finalising your rental. While driving under hail conditions, the impact force of hail can create micro cracks in the clear coat and underlying paint of vehicles, possibly causing problems that may arise in the future. To the eye these can be difficult to spot and there’s nothing worse than returning a vehicle from holiday you thought was fine, only to have a surprise deduction or claim later on down the track.

There are always so many things to do when picking up a rental car, rushing off for that business meeting, playing navigator, getting the family off to a well-deserved holiday, and so on. Along with some other great tips, we recommend taking a moment while in transit before your pickup to check the weather conditions and see if there’s anything you might need to be prepared for. If bad weather is on the way, always ensure you ask about the cover details and secure peace of mind if you think some adverse weather may arrive.

We’ve heard of a few horror stories relating to hail damage claims, if you are considering such cover always make sure you ask:

  • Tell me about how you go about checking for damage (hail if relevant) to the vehicle?
  • If the vehicle has found to have (weather) damage during my usage, how long would the checking process take.
  • If it is found that I’m liable for damage, how will I be advised?
  • How can we be sure we the damage was caused by me?

 ‘Industry Blacklist’?

What is also of concern for consumers is the rumour of an industry ‘blacklist’ that often arises around payment to car rental services for such aspects as damages. This is a myth and is commonly used as a scare tactic by rental companies. We at Redspot Car Rentals pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and would not put unnecessary pressure on consumers but rather see a positive outcome to the issue in a civilised manner.

The only list we have at Redspot Car Rentals is an internal registry to monitor previous unlawful customers and is strictly private and confidential within our company. Car hire can be a daunting task for a consumer AND the rental agency because of miscommunication. Check out our previous post on ‘The Ugliness of Car Hire

No one want’s to be in a situation where there is a dispute regarding their rental car.

Whether it’s checking the car condition, acknowledging an accident or simply being in a rush and not being able to top up petrol before returning, we believe in upfront and honest communication. Always make sure you have all the information you need, a few more great questions to ask can be:

If I didn’t get additional cover and there is an accident, how much could I be liable for?

  • If I do take the additional premium, how much am I covered for and what happens if the damage exceeds this?
  • What payments options are available if I do need to make a reimbursement?

For any questions please visit our FAQ page or send us an email at [email protected]