If you’re thinking of moving home or your office and want to save money, then hire an Redspot Car Rentals truck or van.

Hiring your own truck is a cost-effective, convenient and flexible DIY moving solution and will give you 100% control over your move, and more importantly, your valuable possessions.

One of the most significant reasons why truck rentals are so popular among DIY movers is that when used properly, they can save the mover hundreds of dollars in moving and transport costs.

You can move yourself, as well as your household! Redspot Car Rentals has pick-up and drop-off locations nationwide making renting quick, easy and convenient. Plus, if you’re moving interstate you can drop back the truck or van back in your new city – a one-way rental charge will apply, but you’ll find it’s still cheaper than a professional removalist coupled with your airfare/s.

Choosing the correct size vehicle for your move saves dollars because all your items will fit snugly and you should only need to make one trip.

Redspot Car Rentals commercial vehicles are powered by diesel which means cleaner-running engines with fewer emissions and improved fuel economy. This fuel allows the truck or van to travel farther while using less when compared with petrol.

Finally, when you’re managing a do-it-yourself move, remember moving accessories are necessary for a safe and easy move, like a trolley and packing blankets. Redspot have these accessories available at a low daily rate. If you don’t need to use them, then you can save yourself even more money. But, it’s nice having them there in case you need them.

Remember, in order to secure the right size truck in advance for your move, reserve your rental truck and equipment at least two weeks prior to your moving date. The earlier, the better!

Happy moving!