Moving with Me, My Nerves, and a Redspot Van: A Single Mum’s Epic Adventure!

17/04/2024 Commercial Fun Stuff

Today was the big day where I tested my moving skills – or lack thereof. As a solo lady diving headfirst into the chaotic world of moving, I was a bundle of nerves, fear, and a sprinkle of “Can I really handle this?” jitters. But hey, don’t worry, fellow Redspot reader, because Redspot Car Rentals […] full post

5 Reasons Why Redspot Van Rentals are Essential for Your Small Business

26/02/2024 Commercial Press Useful Articles

In the bustling world of small business, efficiency and reliability are key to success. Whether you’re a florist delivering beautiful bouquets, a panel beater transporting equipment, a mechanic on the move, or providing replacement vehicles for your clients, having the right transportation solution can make all the difference. That’s where Redspot van rentals come in. […] full post

New Brisbane Commerical Location

10/11/2023 Commercial Fun Stuff Location Guides Press South Queensland

What a Phenomenal Afternoon! Moorooka, you truly brought the magic to our branch launch party at Redspot Car Rentals and Australia today! Our team lead by Talia H and the Moorooka community came together at 1015 Ipswich Road Moorooka, and the result was nothing short of fantastic. The caricature drawings were a hit, the food […] full post

Moving on – the many benefits of hiring a truck

08/03/2018 Commercial

If you’re thinking of moving home or your office and want to save money, then hire an Redspot Car Rentals truck or van. Hiring your own truck is a cost-effective, convenient and flexible DIY moving solution and will give you 100% control over your move, and more importantly, your valuable possessions. One of the most […] full post

Start on the right foot with Business Club.

07/01/2015 Commercial Useful Articles

Summer comes around quicker every year. Dreaming of your summer holiday is one of our national pastimes then bang……… the holidays have come and gone and it is business as usual. Redspot’s Business Club never takes a break. Our Business Club allows you to hire a car for business purposes or provide an employee benefit […] full post

What a rock band can teach you about business travel

12/11/2014 Commercial Travel Tips

Until recently, my only experience with business travel was touring with a rock band. One of the most disorganised groups of people that could possibly be unleashed on the travel industry. But luckily my extensive touring experiences prepared me well for when I crossed over to the corporate world. In fact, compared to touring, travelling […] full post

The Importance of Good Car Hire for Businesses

06/01/2014 Commercial Useful Articles

Businesses often have to visit other states for their work. But when they get there, how can they get around? Taxi? Bus? Train? All of these are feasible options, but none compare to the ease, cost or convenience of a hire car. And with Redspot, you can get even more with our Business Club. full post

Top Travel Planning Apps for Australian Travellers

18/12/2013 Commercial Travel Tips

You have to feel sorry for guidebooks: where once they were treated with the reverence usually reserved for a Bible, today’s holidaymakers are more likely to turn to their phones or tablets than turn the pages of Lonely Planet. A guidebook can be out of date almost as soon as it’s published but apps have the advantage of always being current, easy to navigate and convenient. So what are the best apps for when you’re travelling in Australia? Here’s a list of our top four. full post

Join the Redspot Car Rentals Team – Travel Agents Partner Program

02/09/2013 Commercial Press

Are you a travel agent? Learn how to increase your commissions by booking Redspot Car Rentals for your customers. full post