You can financially cover yourself from some of the most commonly returned damaged areas of a car for a very small daily fee.

What happens if I damage an area that is part of the Windscreen, Headlight, Tyre, Overhead cover?

If you elect to take the WHTO cover at the beginning of the rental and you damage either the Windscreen, Tyres, Headlights or Overhead panels of the car than you will not be financially liable for any repair or off-road costs.*

*Unless for some reason you’ve not complied with our rental terms & conditions.

What happens if I damage an area that is NOT part of the Windscreen, Headlight, Tyre, Overhead cover?

Any other damage to the rental vehicle will incur your elected damage liability (LDL). Please refer to our Damage Cover Options for more information.

Note: WHTO Cover is automatically included in our Top Dog rate and applicable to all Emerald Club Members.