If you constantly find yourself driving around Sydney’s streets in rental cars, perhaps you should consider a Club Red membership at Redspot Car Rentals. Through the VIP program, you open yourself up to opportunities for savings and added convenience.

With Club Red, you are first in line for special offers and promotions. You get priority status on customer service inquiries and you are given a subscription to the newsletter, which gives you a chance to obtain discounts and package coupons. In addition, you are free to use the rental cars for an unlimited distance. The cap limit for kilometres is waived, with zero damage liability arrangements.

As company policy, Redspot Car Rentals does not bill you for any hidden fees. Rest assured that the usual culprits such as airport fees, administration costs and vehicle registration are all included in the final amount.

If you are a business owner or part of the management, it is advisable to link your membership to the Redspot Car Rentals Business Club. Membership is free, and all your employees enjoy the same discounted rate. In addition, regular rentals throughout the year make you eligible for better rates in the future. You also get unlimited use of the ETAG, so you don’t need to worry about paying Sydney toll fees when passing through the M5 or crossing the Harbour Bridge.

In case your business travel schedule changes, you are given the option for a refund if the vehicle is returned earlier than the agreed date. Business Club members also get rewarded with a vehicle upgrade for the next rent if a car is hired for a minimum duration of one week. Fees for multiple drivers are waived as well. So save yourself time when hiring a car in Sydney and join Redspot Car Rentals Club Red membership.

If you are after a great deal on a rental car whilst in the South Gippsland area, then we can help you. We have a new model fleet of vehicles to choose from, as well as being located inside the Sydney Airport as well as an office in the central business district of Sydney.