Hitting the road for a Father’s day trip is an Aussie tradition. There’s nothing better than rolling down the highway with the top 100 classic rock countdown turned up and the windows down. The only problem with this dream scenario is the kids whining in the back. Sure you could bring activities for them, or even purchase some kind of electronic device to keep them occupied. But Father’s Day is about you. So instead of pandering to them, just keep yourself amused. The best way to do that is in true dad style with these dad jokes.

Here’s our all-time favorite dad jokes. Yuk it up.


Kids: Dad, I’m hungry!
You: (awesome hilarious dad): G’day Hungry, I’m Dad!
(Explode into a fit of laughter while kids almost roll their eyes out of their heads)


You: I had a dream I was a muffler last night.
Kids: (silent contempt for the man who brought them into the world)
You: I woke up (pause for effect) EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!
(Feel free to clap yourself and/or pat yourself on the back).


You: Did you hear about the guy who invented lifesavers?
Kids: (audible groan followed by forehead slap)
You: I hear he made a MINT!
(punctuate the punch line with a howl of laughter, maybe even crank the radio and do a little triumphant dance).

Boy on his bike.

After this classic build up, it’s time to head into some more absurd territory. The kids will have no idea what you’re talking about, which will make it even more entertaining for you. Try this anti-joke:
You: Why did the boy fall off his bike?
Kids: (on the verge of tears/praying for it to end)
You: Because someone threw a fridge at him!
Kids: (confused and frightened looks)
You: (maniacal laughter)

If this stuff doesn’t float your boat, you can always try Ye Olde ‘pull my finger’ gag. (I urge you to have some sympathy and at least wind the windows down first).

Happy Dad’s Day from Redspot.

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