With father’s day coming up (6th September) its time to think about what to get your Dad to show him you love him. So, what better way than throwing him in the deep end to play tag with a great white shark, or hurtling around in a fighter-jet at 900km an hour? Show your old man you love him with these crazy activities…. for the adrenaline junkie Dad.

1. Jungle Surfing – Cairns, QLD

Fly through the trees of Cape Tribulation via a zipline, stopping at 5 high up tree platforms like a crazy tree hoping Tarzan. www.junglesurfing.com.au

2. BMX-treme Bungy – Cairns, QLD

For Dad’s that think they are ‘all-that’ when it comes to BMX tricks, now they can perfect their combo moves without stacking it…. right off the roof of a 150m high building.

3. Fly a Plane – Brisbane, QLD

Get your Dad to take the wheel and become a trainee pilot for 30mins by flying a ultralight aircraft above north Brisbane. www.redballoon.com.au

4. Paintball – Canberra, ACT

Does your Dad think he’s the next Rambo? Get him to test his aim at Delta Force paintball, the largest paintball operator in the world. www.canberrapaintball.com.au

5. Quad Biking, Central Coast, NSW

Is he keen on a bit of mud bush bashing? Get him on a four wheeler quad bike and join a group on an adventure through the Aussie outback. www.glenworth.com.au/quad-biking

6. Flying Trapeze, Sydney, NSW

Is your Dad a bit of a clown? Well then, join him up to the circus, and have him swinging between ropes 10m high in the air. www.circusarts.com.au/sydney

7. Jetfighter Flight, Hobart, TAS

‘I feel the need…. the need for speed!’ Is he still stuck in the 80’s? Then put him as co-pilot in a fighter jet travelling over 900km/h above Tasmania. www.topgunflights.com

8. Shark Diving, Melbourne, VIC

Put your dad in a tank of water and have him come face to face with a shark at Melbourne Aquarium. www.visitsealife.com.au

9. V8 Supercars, Adelaide, SA

For the motoring enthusiastic Dad, sit him down in the front seat of a V8 supercar as it roars around a 2.5km circuit. www.adrenalin.com.au

10. White-Water Rafting, Perth, WA

Home to the world’s longest white-water race, Avon River WA will test your old mans skills, navigating through the wild river rapids. www.rafting.com.au