1. Redspot Car Rentals is a proud as a true independent Aussie.

The spirit of being independent and a fellow Aussie battler is something we are proud of and this flows down the ranks and applies to how we run our business.

2. Redspot Car Rentals is growing rapidly.

We don’t just pretend to be successful. We are successful. Redspot Car Rentals is an nationally expanding mobility provider. We always opening new locations and we plan to open a hell of alot more to come.

3. Redspot Car Rentals loves its customers.

That’s why they love us. At Redspot Car Rentals, their wish is our command. Hiring, buying or travelling – we offer whatever they fancy.

4. Redspot Car Rentals loves innovation.

Everything goes quickly with us. Cars, service and changes. The only stable thing at Redspot Car Rentals is change, organised chaos is the normal state of affairs.

5. Redspot Car Rentals has entrepreneurs.

At Redspot Car Rentals, the entrepreneurial spirit is both required and directly supported. That is why we are looking for flexible, highly motivated go-getters, who can surprise us with innovative ideas, even as we travel at 120 miles an hour.

6. Redspot Car Rentals rewards performance.

We go for flat hierarchies and short decision-making routes. We don’t beat about the bush, we act straight away. Everything goes quickly with us – including promotion. Redspot Car Rentals has also one of the highest paying incentive and bonus schemes in the rental industry.