When visiting Brisbane, renting a car from the airport location is ideal for making the most out of your stay. Be it a vacation or business trip, you, the car and the roads create opportunities to have a memorable trip free of stress and headaches. Before arranging for a car to hire, take note of the following factors you should consider when dealing with car rental services.

The Driver

First things first, you need to be able to provide the necessary requirements for renting cars. Your driver’s license is a non-negotiable. Additional identification is also requested to validate your identity. The minimum age for driving vary from state-to-state, but the usual condition is 21 years old and above. Car rental services also prefer credit cards as modes of payment because it prevents the office from transacting with too much money. Cashless premises help add to the safety of staff and customers. In some cases where your credit card might not be working, you may opt to arrange for a cash bond option.

The Car

As a car renter, you’d want to be assured that the rental service is prepared for any trouble you may experience through untoward circumstances. Make sure you are clear about arrangements regarding roadside assistance. Mechanical faults, flat tyres and lost keys cannot be avoided sometimes, so ask the car rental consultant for any fees involved.

Refuelling costs are usually shouldered by the renter. Prepaid alternatives for fuel allow you to return the car without having to stop for petrol, but this runs the risk of complicating costs because of fluctuating gas prices. It is always best to refuel the tank yourself. Don’t forget to check that the tank is full when you get the car.

The Road

Generally, Australia enforces the same road rules throughout the country, but it’s still better to check on local traffic laws. Some main roads require a toll fee to pass, some unmanned and automated. Redspot Car Rentals offers cars which have electronic tags in them, so you don’t have to worry about paying online or acquiring toll tags yourself. It’s also advisable to research information regarding the local police force so you know where to go and which number to call in case of accidents and traffic infractions.

Trips are always filled with uncertainty and adventurous possibilities. The same approach can be applied to the logistics of car rentals, but make sure you are always prepared for any circumstance. Pick a car rental service that provides you detailed options and good customer service, like Redspot Car Rentals.

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