Car preparation

Make sure your car is road worthy before you leave. Book it in for a service (or check that your car is within its servicing period), this will ensure that oil and filters are changed, the brakes and brake lights are working and the tyres are checked for wear, have been wheel aligned or are brand new.

If you are hiring a vehicle have a close look at the provider’s fleet and choose an appropriate car for your journey and the comfort of your passengers. It’s also a good idea to look into the support they can provide. Redspot’s Top Dog Package includes zero damage liability, free road toll and unlimited kms, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday.

Plan your route

Put in some time and plan your journey. Having an understanding of which expressway, highway or coast road will make you familiar when to fill-up, driving times and distances. It also makes your trip more efficient – want to spend more time at the destination, then take the shortest route. But, if you want flexibility to take in the sights and scenery – your research will alert you to the best scenic drives.


If you are using a GPS, program in your journey’s from and to coordinates before you depart. This will guarantee that you and the GPS are both on the right track. Redspot TomTom GPS units are available from all Redspot locations and can be hired for small daily fee.

Expect the unexpected

Be prepared and plan for these scenarios:

Breakdowns – have you got roadside assist membership? Does your car rental provider provide roadside assistance service? Check out Redspot’s great value Premium Roadside Assistance package.

Car accidents – Do you have car and/or travel insurance? Have you purchased insurance which will reduce your hire car liability? Redspot can provide peace of mind with our Damage Cover Options.

Car phone charger – you’ll want your phone fully charged when there’s an emergency.

First Aid Kit – Do you know what is in your car’s first aid kit and how to use it? Do you have a first aid kit in your car?

Traffic jams – being stuck in holiday traffic is not much fun, especially if it’s hot. Take extra water and some food to help you survive traffic or accident delays.

How to beat boredom

Create your own road trip playlist and sing to your heart’s content. Audio books are great if it’s just you and partner or friends. If you have children in the car consider an iPad and download their favourite movies and TV shows and let them bring their handheld electronic games devices. Ensure you can recharge or power the equipment using the car engine and battery – you may need to purchase additional equipment.


Stop, revive and survive – your destination is going nowhere, make sure you and your passengers arrive safe. Stop and rest if you’re tired or want to stretch your legs and have a cup of coffee – a small break will make the world of difference.

Enjoy your Easter break and happy driving!