Save yourself time when hiring a car in Sydney

09/08/2013 Travel Tips

If you constantly find yourself driving around Sydney’s streets in rental cars, perhaps you should consider a Club Red membership at Redspot Sixt. Through the VIP program, you open yourself up to opportunities for savings and added convenience. full post

Family Fun on the Gold Coast

05/08/2013 Location Guides

Matt, our rental officer from Melbourne Airport takes us through his recent trip to the Gold Coast with his wife and kids, and the theme parks they visited and enjoyed the most. full post

Hobart’s No.1 Car Rental

29/07/2013 Location Guides

Hobart’s economy has shown considerable growth in the past few years, performing impressively while embracing its status as an underdog city. The capital of Tasmania has been cited as one of the top cities that promote innovation, and Redspot Sixt shares these common values as an underdog car rental company. full post

Remember this Seinfeld the car reservation episode?

19/07/2013 Fun Stuff

Think back 10 years. Do you remember the episode when Jerry Seinfeld hires a car? Its one of our favorite episodes here at Redspot Sixt. Have a watch and enjoy. full post

Introducing our mobile car hire website

16/07/2013 Videos

Redspot Sixt is proud to announce its latest mobile phone friendly website available to all smartphone devices and operating systems.Find out more by clicking the link. full post

Is car rental the black sheep of the travel industry?

16/07/2013 Useful Articles

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories about unwanted damage claims and charges after a rental car has been returned, or mysterious taxes that appear at the beginning of the rental from rental operators that are performing below industry standard. But are these nightmare stories standard across the industry? Let’s take a look. full post

How to return a hire car to Sydney airport

20/06/2013 Location Guides Videos

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and has the largest airport as well. So if you are a first time traveller to Sydney and are planning to hire a car, watching this quick little videos will help you understand how easy it is to return your rental car to Sydney airport when the time comes. full post

The benefits of booking a hire car online

20/06/2013 Useful Articles

When you’re intending to rent a car tomorrow, next week or even months down the track its without question beneficial for you to book online via as soon as possible. Why you ask? Read on and find out. full post

10 Tips for a fast car rental collection

30/05/2013 Travel Tips

You’ve booked an early morning flight for an important business meeting and you know you won’t have much time to muck around at the destination airport when you arrive. So how do you guarantee a fast car rental check out? Here’s is 10 tips you can do give yourself the best chance to zip through your car rental collection process. full post

How to not ruin your car rental trip

21/05/2013 Travel Tips

It might interest you to know that there are some sections of the terms and conditions that if ‘breached’ may put you in an unwanted financial nightmare if you happen to damage your rental vehicle even if you have elected to reduce your damage excess. Find out how to avoid this. full post