The importance of Booking your Christmas Car Hire Early

13/11/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching, booking early not only means you get the vehicle you want for the right dates, but may also save you a lot of time and money. full post

The hidden dangers of cheap car hire

11/11/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Travelling on the cheap is great if you can get a great product of service, but unfortunately you usually you get what you pay for. So how do you avoid the dangers of cheap car hire? full post

The ugliness of car hire and how to avoid it

02/10/2013, brad.aldcroft Useful Articles

The worst thing about working for a car rental company has to be telling a customer that you are going to have to charge them for damage cause to their rental car. The look on their faces and the reactions we get can vary from angry and defensive to apologetic and embarrassed. But all of this messiness can be simply avoid, with a few precautions. full post

Need an Escape? Redspot Car Rentals Partners with Escape lounge

27/09/2013, brad.aldcroft Press

Redspot Sixt is proud to announce its partnership with a website that tailors to your travel interests and will suggest and book you a variety of escape destinations, tours and activities. full post

North Queenslands Waterfall Circuit Drive

19/09/2013, brad.aldcroft Road Trips

If you’re planning a trip to north Queensland you definitely need to drive the Waterfall Circuit, its a full day trip from Cairns through the Atherton tablelands, however if you have a couple days spare, you can easily spread it out over several days. Its great for families, couples, anyone wanting a relaxing drive. full post

What to prepare before you commence your Aussie adventure

16/09/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Planning a holiday overseas can be a little stressful. Although a break is about relaxing, getting it organised beforehand can be a complicated and time consuming process. But with a few tips and some expert help, you can make the process easier for everyone. full post

Join the Redspot Car Rentals Team – Travel Agents Partner Program

02/09/2013, brad.aldcroft Press

Are you a travel agent? Learn how to increase your commissions by booking Redspot Sixt rent a car for your customers. full post

Can I rent a car if I am under 25?

16/08/2013, brad.aldcroft Useful Articles

Many travellers are those under the age of 25. This is usually due to the abundance of time, money and reduced responsibility on someone of this age. While youth is typically a benefit for travelling, when it comes to hiring cars, it can be a drawback. Many airport car rental companies do not offer car hire for those under the age of 25 or those holding a provisional driver licence. However, national car hire company, Redspot Sixt, does it a little differently. full post

Save yourself time when hiring a car in Sydney

09/08/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

If you constantly find yourself driving around Sydney’s streets in rental cars, perhaps you should consider a Club Red membership at Redspot Sixt. Through the VIP program, you open yourself up to opportunities for savings and added convenience. full post

Family Fun on the Gold Coast

05/08/2013, brad.aldcroft Location Guides

Matt, our rental officer from Melbourne Airport takes us through his recent trip to the Gold Coast with his wife and kids, and the theme parks they visited and enjoyed the most. full post