This Father’s Day, the jokes on your kids.

04/09/2015 Fun Stuff

Hitting the road for a Father’s day trip is an Aussie tradition. There’s nothing better than rolling down the highway with the top 100 classic rock countdown turned up and the windows down. The only problem with this dream scenario is the kids whining in the back. Sure you could bring activities for them, or […] full post

Car rental of the future

16/02/2015 Fun Stuff

Ever wondered what renting a car will be like in 10 -20 years time? Will the car rental staff take you to your flying George Jetson type hire car? Or will the car drive itself and pick you up from the front of the terminal? Without a doubt, the future of the car rental industry, […] full post

4 Unexplained Ghost Cars

30/10/2014 Fun Stuff

There are some things that you just have to see to believe. Take Ghosts for example. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you may just after you see these videos of what many are referring to as ‘Ghost Cars.’ full post

9 Famous Australian foods and where to find them

30/09/2014 Fun Stuff

Australia as a gourmet food destination? You bet. Australia has given the world some magnificent dishes – from the meat pie to the lamington and many taste sensations in between. We have combined 9 iconic Aussie foods with that other great Australian innovation, the true blue road trip. The result? A tour for the taste […] full post

Top 10 Fathers Day Crazy Activities

28/08/2014 Fun Stuff

Does your Dad think he’s a bit of a tough guy? Well then why don’t you test his endurance against our top 10 Father’s Day adrenalin activities around Australia? full post

Australia Day Snapshot: 2013

22/01/2014 Fun Stuff

With Australia Day coming up, we thought we look back and see how our locations around Australia celebrated the big day. full post

7 of the funniest in flight safety videos

28/11/2013 Fun Stuff

If you are a frequent flyer, you’ll know how boring the in-flight safety presentations can be, and generally tune out. Some of the airlines have picked up on this, and have started to create more entertaining videos and presentations to capture more passengers attentions during the announcement. We’ve compiled 7 of our favourites. Let us know what you think. full post

Remember this Seinfeld the car reservation episode?

19/07/2013 Fun Stuff

Think back 10 years. Do you remember the episode when Jerry Seinfeld hires a car? Its one of our favorite episodes here at Redspot. Have a watch and enjoy. full post

The Stickman Family. Love them, or Hate them.

20/05/2013 Fun Stuff

First it was the “NO FEAR” stickers, then the frangipani stickers now its seems the ‘norm’ is to have your family portrayed as a bunch of stick people on the back window of your families car. Love them or hate them, we are a few of the most interesting ones for you to enjoy. full post

Our Fleet Girls attempting to do the Harlem Shake, but fail.

19/02/2013 Fun Stuff

A couple of our car rental fleet controllers attempted to replicate their version of the Harlem shake craze but didn’t quite seem to get there. full post