What a rock band can teach you about business travel

12/11/2014 Travel Tips

Until recently, my only experience with business travel was touring with a rock band. One of the most disorganised groups of people that could possibly be unleashed on the travel industry. But luckily my extensive touring experiences prepared me well for when I crossed over to the corporate world. In fact, compared to touring, travelling […]

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Red’s tips for smooth trips

12/11/2014 Travel Tips

When you’re planning a business trip for the top dog at work, you want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. So keep these points in mind and you’ll keep yourself out of the boss’s doghouse and in their good books.

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Roadside Assistance – A Mechanics Guide

05/11/2014 Useful Articles

It doesn’t matter how new or old a car is, breakdowns happen and you need to be prepared for when they do. When you rent from Redspot Car Rentals you automatically receive 24-hour roadside assistance for any mechanical faults that may occur for the duration of the rental period. If you’d like to have complete peace of […]

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4 Unexplained Ghost Cars

30/10/2014 Fun Stuff

There are some things that you just have to see to believe. Take Ghosts for example. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you may just after you see these videos of what many are referring to as ‘Ghost Cars.’

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6 of the Spookiest Roads in Australia

30/10/2014 Road Trips

Everyone loves a good ghost story — particularly when it’s true. From ancient times, humanity has enjoyed few activities more than the sheer inhumanity of scaring the living daylights out of each other, so it’s no shocker to find entire tourist industries built on doing just that. Come with us as we drive down the […]

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Gold Coast to Brisbane – Attractions by Season

28/10/2014 Travel Tips

Southeast Queensland is a magnificent part of Australia that enjoys a lovely sub-tropical climate making it an ideal holiday destination 365 days a year. World Heritage Listed rainforests, world-class beaches, a thriving nightlife, massive theme parks, cosmopolitan cities, accessible island getaways, and so much more make this region one of Australia’s most visited by locals […]

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3 Useful maps for touring Australia

22/10/2014 Travel Tips

So, you’re taking a road trip? You’ve got your bags packed, a route planned and the petrol tank filled up …. Before you go, take a look at this list of maps. These will be handy to take with you, and – what’s more – they don’t take up any space in the car.

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Weekend Getaway: Granite Island, South Australia

14/10/2014 Road Trips

Granite Island has a lot to offer the traveler seeking a South Australian weekend getaway. It’s an ideal escape not far from the city and the little Penguins are a delightful attraction for the young and the young at heart.

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Simplifying Car Rental

07/10/2014 Useful Articles

Renting a car can be very confusing, especially for those who have never rented one before. You come across so many different options, alternatives and worst of all the confusing terms you’ve never heard of before, I mean, what does ‘CDW’ even mean?? Well I’m going to try my best to simplify this for you.

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9 Famous Australian foods and where to find them

30/09/2014 Fun Stuff

Australia as a gourmet food destination? You bet. Australia has given the world some magnificent dishes – from the meat pie to the lamington and many taste sensations in between. We have combined 9 iconic Aussie foods with that other great Australian innovation, the true blue road trip. The result? A tour for the taste […]

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