How to not ruin your car rental trip

21/05/2013 Travel Tips

It might interest you to know that there are some sections of the terms and conditions that if ‘breached’ may put you in an unwanted financial nightmare if you happen to damage your rental vehicle even if you have elected to reduce your damage excess. Find out how to avoid this. full post

The Evolution of Car Window Stickers: From “NO FEAR” to Stick Families

20/05/2013 Fun Stuff

First it was the “NO FEAR” stickers, then the frangipani stickers now its seems the ‘norm’ is to have your family portrayed as a bunch of stick people on the back window of your families car. Love them or hate them, we are a few of the most interesting ones for you to enjoy. full post

Car security tips

08/04/2013 Travel Tips

Ever had your car broken into or know someone who has? Worse, have you ever had your car stolen and days or even weeks later turns up destroyed in a ditch somewhere? Why not follow these 10 simple to remember tips that might just be enough to keep the thieves away. full post

What is an ECAR? – Understanding car rental codes

29/03/2013 Travel Tips

When booking your rental vehicle you often see next to the vehicle description a four letter code that means absolutely nothing to most of us. But understanding these codes could stop you from accidentally booking a Mini clown car when in fact you wanted a V8 super machine sedan. full post

What you need to know when renting a car in Brisbane

27/03/2013 Location Guides South Queensland Travel Tips

When visiting Brisbane, renting a car from the airport location is ideal for making the most out of your stay. Be it a vacation or business trip, you, the car and the roads create opportunities to have a memorable trip free of stress and headaches. Before arranging for a car to hire, take note of the following factors you should consider when dealing with car rental services. full post

Tips for choosing the right car rental company

22/03/2013 Travel Tips

When looking for car rental, the first thing that comes to mind is price. However, cheap car hire isn’t always the best option. There are many reasons why a car hire company may offer affordable or expensive rentals and knowing what to look for to make sure you save money without sacrificing quality is essential. Below are just a few tips to help you choose the right car rental company for you. full post

Staff story – Self-drive Adelaide holiday

21/03/2013 Location Guides Road Trips South Australia

Julia from our Brisbane airport Redspot location tells us all about the interesting sites of Adelaide and its surrounding area. From drinking wine at the wineries at McLaren Vale, to visiting pandas at the Adelaide Zoo and lots more. full post

What to look out for when hiring a car

19/03/2013 Travel Tips

Hiring a car on holidays or for work is a great alternative to paying for taxis or public transport in Australia. It gives you the freedom to determine your travel destinations, timing and when and where to stop or leave a place. However, hiring a car can have its pitfalls, and knowing what to look out for can save you a lot of money and time. full post

Rockhampton Airport opening press release

08/03/2013 Central Queensland Location Guides Press

Dan Mekler (managing director of Redspot) discusses the opening of the latest rental car location in central Queensland. full post