Car Rental Myths – BUSTED!

21/09/2014 Useful Articles

There are a many rumors on the web about all kinds or car rental myths. Some are true, and some are just plain false. Redspot Car Rentals prides itself of being up front and transparent with its business practices to its customers and has focused on a few car rental myths below to try and bring some […] full post

Mother nature hates rental cars

19/09/2014 Useful Articles

With summer only a couple of months away, storm season is also approaching. A time that mother nature sets off with an annoying habit of unleashing cyclonic winds, flash flooding, raging bush fires and golf ball size hail into unsuspecting rental cars all over the country. Its unforeseen, unfair, and unpredictable. So what can you do to protect […] full post

South Gippsland Coastal Drive

09/09/2014 Road Trips

Want to take a scenic drive, with the music turned up and a fresh experience around every corner? The South Gippsland Coastal Drive is a getaway that suits couples, families, singles and seniors alike. full post

Top 10 Fathers Day Crazy Activities

28/08/2014 Fun Stuff

Does your Dad think he’s a bit of a tough guy? Well then why don’t you test his endurance against our top 10 Father’s Day adrenalin activities around Australia? full post

Credit Card Changes – PIN Required

26/08/2014 Useful Articles

Credit Card Change: From August 1st 2014, the major financial institutions and credit card schemes including MasterCard and Visa will be replacing signature to authenticate purchases to the more secure PIN method which utilises the built in security chip. full post

Weekend Travels: Walyunga National Park

27/02/2014 Road Trips

Looking for a weekend getaway from Perth without driving too far? Walyunga National Park is the perfect destination. It’s just 35km northeast of Perth city along the Great Northern Highway and is an excellent place for a picnic, hiking or simply to reconnect with nature for a night or two. full post

6 Essential Apps for every International traveler coming to Australia

26/02/2014 Travel Tips

Today’s holidaymakers tend to rely on portable technology for travel and tourism reviews and directions. Given that apps are inexpensive, easy to access and automatically updated, it’s no wonder a smart phone or tablet is considered a vital part of the traveler’s kit. Here are six apps worth downloading before you take off: full post

20 Essential Items To Pack For Travelling

21/02/2014 Travel Tips

We’ve all experienced it when getting ready for a trip: when you’re approaching the airport, or just as your plan is preparing for take-off, you remember those small but vital, forgotten items. Here’s a handy list of last-minute travellers’ essentials that can be all too easy to forget in the dash to get away on time. full post

Aussie owned Redspot Car Rentals now at Sunshine Coast Airport

19/02/2014 Press

Sunshine Coast Airport welcomes its newest kid on the block – Car Rental company Redspot. Airport General Manager Peter Pallot said, “Choice and competition is an important part of the airport’s commitment to continually improving our range of services and facilities. For us, it’s all about the customer and ensuring they have a great Sunshine Coast experience from the moment they land. full post

Appointment of new General Manager of Sales

19/02/2014 Press

Redspot Car Rentals has appointed Dan Kearney as General Manager of Sales, a newly created position in the company. Reporting to the Managing Director, Dan Mekler, Dan Kearney’s new role is a senior management appointment which heralds the ongoing expansion and success of the company. full post