Redspot joins forces with Enterprise Holdings

25/03/2015 Press

Enterprise Holdings – the largest car rental company in the world – has appointed Redspot, Australia’s largest family-owned car rental company, as its franchise partner in Australia and New Zealand. full post

The benefits of car hire this Easter break

18/03/2015 Travel Tips

The Easter holidays mean camping trips by the beach, barbecues in the park and holidays far away. The first step to reaching your holiday destination is getting there. If you first have to catch a plane to your intended location or are going on a road trip for Easter, it may be wise to hire […] full post

Brisbane City: Things to do as a family

03/03/2015 Travel Tips

Whether your in town with the family for one day or a week, there are plenty of things to see and do with your kids in sunny Brisbane. Here are our top picks. full post

Car rental of the future

16/02/2015 Fun Stuff

Ever wondered what renting a car will be like in 10 -20 years time? Will the car rental staff take you to your flying George Jetson type hire car? Or will the car drive itself and pick you up from the front of the terminal? Without a doubt, the future of the car rental industry, […] full post

Start on the right foot with Business Club.

07/01/2015 Useful Articles

Summer comes around quicker every year. Dreaming of your summer holiday is one of our national pastimes then bang……… the holidays have come and gone and it is business as usual. Redspot’s Business Club never takes a break. Our Business Club allows you to hire a car for business purposes or provide an employee benefit […] full post

Buckle Up – Child Seat Safety Tips

05/01/2015 Travel Tips

Ensuring your kids are safe is the top of most parents priorities. So if you are planning to drive with children, ensuring they are safely buckled into a seat that has been installed correctly should also be as important. full post

Best locations to spend New Year’s Eve in Australia

23/12/2014 Travel Tips

One of the first things to choose when planning a holiday is where you will go. If you are heading somewhere within Australia for New Year’s Eve, the following are just a few of our top choices. full post

Can I use my overseas drivers licence to hire a car in Australia?

09/12/2014 Travel Tips

We often get asked on our Facebook page and through our customer support line from overseas tourists as to whether we will or will not accept there drivers licence when renting a car with us. Short answer…. it really depends. full post

Under 25 and looking to hire a car? No problems!

03/12/2014 Useful Articles

One problem younger people find when hiring a vehicle is the age restrictions. The accepted age for airport car hire in most locations is 25 and older. However, there are many holiday-goers and those on business trips under this age who need a car to get from A to B in the area they are […] full post

What to keep in mind on a holiday road trip

28/11/2014 Road Trips

Christmas holidays aren’t the only time of the year when many travel for a vacation. Understanding the ins and outs of airport car rental and the roads during holiday periods, especially the silly season, can mean the difference between a disaster trip and a rejuvenating holiday. Below are just a few things to keep in […] full post