Buckle Up – Child Seat Safety Tips

05/01/2015, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Ensuring your kids are safe is the top of most parents priorities. So if you are planning to drive with children, ensuring they are safely buckled into a seat that has been installed correctly should also be as important.

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Best locations to spend New Year’s Eve in Australia

23/12/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

One of the first things to choose when planning a holiday is where you will go. If you are heading somewhere within Australia for New Year’s Eve, the following are just a few of our top choices.

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Can I use my overseas drivers licence to hire a car in Australia?

09/12/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

We often get asked on our Facebook page and through our customer support line from overseas tourists as to whether we will or will not accept there drivers licence when renting a car with us. Short answer…. it really depends.

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What a rock band can teach you about business travel

12/11/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Until recently, my only experience with business travel was touring with a rock band. One of the most disorganised groups of people that could possibly be unleashed on the travel industry. But luckily my extensive touring experiences prepared me well for when I crossed over to the corporate world. In fact, compared to touring, travelling […]

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Red’s tips for smooth trips

12/11/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

When you’re planning a business trip for the top dog at work, you want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. So keep these points in mind and you’ll keep yourself out of the boss’s doghouse and in their good books.

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Gold Coast to Brisbane – Attractions by Season

28/10/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Southeast Queensland is a magnificent part of Australia that enjoys a lovely sub-tropical climate making it an ideal holiday destination 365 days a year. World Heritage Listed rainforests, world-class beaches, a thriving nightlife, massive theme parks, cosmopolitan cities, accessible island getaways, and so much more make this region one of Australia’s most visited by locals […]

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3 Useful maps for touring Australia

22/10/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

So, you’re taking a road trip? You’ve got your bags packed, a route planned and the petrol tank filled up …. Before you go, take a look at this list of maps. These will be handy to take with you, and – what’s more – they don’t take up any space in the car.

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6 Essential Apps for every International traveler coming to Australia

26/02/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Today’s holidaymakers tend to rely on portable technology for travel and tourism reviews and directions. Given that apps are inexpensive, easy to access and automatically updated, it’s no wonder a smart phone or tablet is considered a vital part of the traveler’s kit. Here are six apps worth downloading before you take off:

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20 Essential Items To Pack For Travelling

21/02/2014, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

We’ve all experienced it when getting ready for a trip: when you’re approaching the airport, or just as your plan is preparing for take-off, you remember those small but vital, forgotten items. Here’s a handy list of last-minute travellers’ essentials that can be all too easy to forget in the dash to get away on time.

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Top Travel Planning Apps for Australian Travellers

18/12/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

You have to feel sorry for guidebooks: where once they were treated with the reverence usually reserved for a Bible, today’s holidaymakers are more likely to turn to their phones or tablets than turn the pages of Lonely Planet. A guidebook can be out of date almost as soon as it’s published but apps have the advantage of always being current, easy to navigate and convenient. So what are the best apps for when you’re travelling in Australia? Here’s a list of our top four.

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