How to choose the right car rental options

27/11/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Hiring a car for your holiday or business trip is a great way to save money and get around in an easy and efficient manner. However, there are many different car rental options to choose from and finding the right one is vital to making the most of your dollars. full post

The importance of Booking your Christmas Car Hire Early

13/11/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching, booking early not only means you get the vehicle you want for the right dates, but may also save you a lot of time and money. full post

The hidden dangers of cheap car hire

11/11/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Travelling on the cheap is great if you can get a great product of service, but unfortunately you usually you get what you pay for. So how do you avoid the dangers of cheap car hire? full post

What to prepare before you commence your Aussie adventure

16/09/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Planning a holiday overseas can be a little stressful. Although a break is about relaxing, getting it organised beforehand can be a complicated and time consuming process. But with a few tips and some expert help, you can make the process easier for everyone. full post

Save yourself time when hiring a car in Sydney

09/08/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

If you constantly find yourself driving around Sydney’s streets in rental cars, perhaps you should consider a Club Red membership at Redspot Sixt. Through the VIP program, you open yourself up to opportunities for savings and added convenience. full post

10 Tips for a fast car rental collection

30/05/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

You’ve booked an early morning flight for an important business meeting and you know you won’t have much time to muck around at the destination airport when you arrive. So how do you guarantee a fast car rental check out? Here’s is 10 tips you can do give yourself the best chance to zip through your car rental collection process. full post

How to not ruin your car rental trip

21/05/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

It might interest you to know that there are some sections of the terms and conditions that if ‘breached’ may put you in an unwanted financial nightmare if you happen to damage your rental vehicle even if you have elected to reduce your damage excess. Find out how to avoid this. full post

Car Rental Price Comparison

12/04/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Back in 2004 Redspot Sixt introduced its all inclusive Drive Away no more to pay rate, which has been highly regarded by the public for its transparency and no hidden extras message. But how does it compare with our competitors? full post

Car security tips

08/04/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

Ever had your car broken into or know someone who has? Worse, have you ever had your car stolen and days or even weeks later turns up destroyed in a ditch somewhere? Why not follow these 10 simple to remember tips that might just be enough to keep the thieves away. full post

What the hell is an ECAR? – Understanding car rental codes

29/03/2013, brad.aldcroft Travel Tips

When booking your rental vehicle you often see next to the vehicle description a four letter code that means absolutely nothing to most of us. But understanding these codes could stop you from accidentally booking a Mini clown car when in fact you wanted a V8 super machine sedan. full post